5 inside the Cage reminders when creating a mixed martial arts training program

| April 8, 2011

    So you want to be a cage fighter do ya? Then you need a great mixed martial arts training program. As a mixed martial artist you must incorporate different types of training to succeed. But what the heck do you need to train anyway? Well you want to incorporate a workout that will improve your strength and your anaerobic capacity. This helps your body cope without oxygen (when you start “gassing out”). As a MMA fighter you also need a workout that will help improve your functional strength. You need strength to help defend against the takedowns and to develop punching power. We will talk in detail about a few reminders to help you find a mixed martial arts training program for you.

For your inside the cage mixed martial arts training you’ll need:

Aerobic capacity;    helps your body process and transport oxygen to working muscles
Anaerobic capacity; is your body’s ability to function without oxygen
Functional strength; to use your strength efficiently in real-world activities or sports
Power; your overall strength
Muscular endurance; your body’s ability to last long periods of physical activity

    A modern martial artist must include these key inside the cage training tactics. You must be ready for your opponent at all times and having great mixed martial arts workout training can be the key to your success. The key to going the distance in the cage is to be able to endure until the last round. To be able to give it your all the way to the finish. To be able to explode at the last moment, and still have the energy to finish the fight. That is what having the proper mixed martial arts training program can do for you. If you are not conscious of your training program it could mean disaster when you’re inside the cage!

Mixed martial arts training is crucial to your success as a cage fighter. You should be constantly evolving your workouts. And incorporate the best training you can find into your workout. www.martialartsworkouts.info

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