80 Techniques- BJJ Brazilian Jiu-Jitu Self Defense: Helio Gracie Tribute- Migliarese Bros.

| May 18, 2010

GraciePhilly.com Grand Master Helio Gracie (Oct 1 1913 – Jan 29 2009) was known as the father of Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BJJ. He was the father of the world-renowned fighters Rickson Gracie, Royler Gracie, Royce Gracie, Relson Gracie and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) founder Rorion Gracie In this video, a documentary, Phil and Ricardo Migliarese, demonstrate the Helio GRacie Brazilian jiu jiutsu self defense system. A Tribute to the master THis system was the Beginning of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Sport Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

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  1. JLSealy2 says:

    Great vid!!! Five stars!!

  2. plainaction says:

    very good combo,good moves.
    thanks for the post

  3. marrasa125 says:

    Muito legal mesmo irmaos!!! Me surpreenderam com o trabalho de 80 tecnicas do Jiu Jitsu raiz! Parabens pelos seus legados tambem! Viva Helio em nossos coracoes! Forte abraco!

  4. yigal289 says:


  5. pope8888 says:

    wow!! GREAT VID!!!

  6. mnpli says:


  7. paulobruna says:

    GREAT video. You guys rock!

  8. ironek89 says:


  9. charliemurphyslaw says:

    to bad alot of bjj schools dont teach these techniques anymore becuase everybodys so obsessed with the sport and mma jiu jitsu.

  10. onetao8 says:

    one of the good video’s on YouTube !
    I like that they did the old school style jiu-jitsu self defense video, instead of complex ground and sport jiu-jistu stuff. It reminded me of the early Gracie video’s. All simple moves anyone can do.

  11. pedro90 says:

    i enjoyed the real fight simulations around 2:39

  12. pedro90 says:

    @iNoobCA no thats actually just the sport side of it.

  13. alion06 says:

    the wholee video was BJJ except most people dont know about the take downs of BJJ which was most of the early part of the video. i assure you it was all traditional BJJ

  14. jon0gaona says:

    @iNoobCA No no, true bjj was the entire video. Old school, very well done.

  15. djsimo149 says:

    beautiful sentece at 0:12

  16. TensaiBJJ says:

    thanx for this beautiful video!!

  17. iNoobCA says:

    the true bjj started coming in at 4:50

  18. dachristma says:

    Magnifique travail

  19. EnchantedOrchids says:

    Great video. I posted this link on our Dojo’s FB group. I’m a female BJJ martial artist competing in my second tournament in a month. Can’t wait!

  20. Whyisthat101 says:

    @ironlou1 Even if a UFC fighter does attack you in these fashions you can still defend yourself in these ways.

  21. ironlou1 says:

    define a GOOD attack lol these are designed to defend against a comon street attack its not like your gonna get jumped by shogun rua for gods sake hahaha

  22. maimaiem says:

    Great tribute vid -and great technique guys.

  23. yeee941 says:

    Yeah it true all GJJ Dojos are for self defence,but not all BJJ dojos are for sport,I meen to be a “Certified GJJ instructor” you have to complete a seminar at the HQ in Torrance,CA. So just because its a a school says BJ,dont look down upon it. My instructor is from Brazil and has his BB from Royce,but its still a BJ school because he didnt take the seminar.

  24. kizukigaia says:

    My point is: To know how effective a martial art can be, you need to defense yourself against good attacks.

  25. mmtxaz says:

    What’s your point? This vid is about what an awesome self defense system BJJ is.