Bas Rutten beat Frank Shamrock – Pancrase – Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) 2/2

| February 11, 2010

Bas Rutten MMA Career Part 2

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  1. jdan007 says:

    ..itd hurt a little but what a joy itd be to fight bas back in the day

  2. jdan007 says:

    idk ive seen guys get built like bas on the level through hard hard training and very disciplined diet + good genes, frankie on the otherhand..hmm..

  3. SIRMMA says:

    Great video, but isΒ΄nt the audio out of sync or is just me?

  4. jessejames1616 says:

    2:25 XD

  5. TheMachoMadness says:

    The Belt was bad ass

  6. ArcticSheep says:

    take it easy. i’m trying to have a respectable argument here on who thinks who’s gay

    i say a documentary on bodybuilding in my class. the truth is, most of them use steroids. even to win competitions they dont check for steroids (that’s actually a rumor not sure ifi ts true, about the compettions checking).

    i dont have any issues. i merely called you gay. any decent youtuber would know im jus kiddin around. way to take a half-joke

    on a completely different note, i love youtube arguments. πŸ™‚

  7. physicalzone says:


  8. physicalzone says:

    ok with your statement ….”People don’t body build to get in shape” just shows how much you know about the world of bodybuilding. Don’t act JUDGE when you have never been a part of BB, and therefore dude you are not worth commenting on anything abt BB.
    whatever the case is,it shows u know SUPER LITTLE abt what you think you know…. WAKE UP MAN! like I said, you have alot of ISSUES in your head coz its just like I said.. you dont know the first thing abt being a man….. yes its not abt looks..

  9. ArcticSheep says:

    People don’t body build to get in shape, they body build to get big muscles to look good. to get in shape, toughen yourself up, u gotta do something real.

    most of all, body building is not a SPORT. you compete on looks, that’s fuckin ridiculous. a real man doesnt matter whats on outside you should know that. in terms of health, you dont need big muscles to be healthy just look at thai boxers. IMO thai boxers are healthier, tougher, and more respectable than bodybuilders

  10. physicalzone says:

    body-building is usually done by those people who wanna be in a better shape than others, they choose to be muscular than to be shapeless with pot bellies. Sure there are some show-offs but then again, tell me one field where there are no show-offs…. you see, you can only understand art of bodybuilding only when u do it yourself, and if you have done it then u will begin to respect it like other sports. Mostly you will understand that its not ‘GAY’!

  11. ArcticSheep says:

    read ur comments on my channel.

    i agree with most of what you say but i still think body building is gay. it makes you “look” like a man but there’s nothin inside.

    “look at me! i have big muscles”.

    and no i dont have an inferiority complex.

  12. physicalzone says:

    all I’ll say is…. “you have a lot of issues man, go see a psychiatrist”
    and ya most importantly… GET A LIFE !!!lol

  13. ArcticSheep says:

    I don’t care about body building – it’s for fags, men wanna-bes.

    As for martial arts, I doubt you know more than I do. What/where do you train?

  14. physicalzone says:

    now now! don’t get upset if your Boyfriend left you… and by the way, it’s not a very wise way to find out if am gay like you or not hahaha! Just that I know more about martial arts and bodybuilding a little WAY more than you!

  15. ArcticSheep says:


  16. Beshimi says:

    no, you are still missing the point. i get what you are trying to say, that pancrase should be in the keywords to search for pancrase. but what you shouldn’t have said is that “it’s pancrase, not mma” because yes, it is pancrase, but it is also mma, so you were wrong to say it isn’t. you still aren’t understanding that. if english isn’t your first language, then i understand. by the way, pancrase actually IS similar to UFC now. close fist strikes are legal and rope breaks are no longer involved.

  17. rwin1 says:

    lol buddy… Well ok, pancrase is MMA, but you are still missing my point. if i want to see a UFC match i can type in UFC. If i want to see a Pancrase movie i type in that. But i will not find this movie on Pancrase now. Also UFC have different disiplines (RULES) to Pancrase, so its not only a different orginazation but also makes a total different match. its not that hard to understand if u want unless ur a hairsplitter πŸ˜€

  18. Beshimi says:

    nope, it’s still you, buddy.

    if by “different disiplines” you mean different organizations, then yes, there are different organizations within MMA, but that doesn’t mean you say “BTW, it’s UFC, not MMA” when someone calls UFC MMA. this person correctly titled his video with MMA and you incorrectly attempted to correct him.

  19. MunterE says:

    Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling is a mixed martial arts organization founded in Japan in 1993 by professional wrestlers Masakatsu Funaki and Minoru Suzuki.

  20. rwin1 says:

    your the one that don’tunderstand. There are different disiplines within MMA, so use the correct name, thats my point.

  21. Beshimi says:

    you don’t seem to understand. you said that it was “pancrase, not MMA,” implying that pancrase is not MMA, when in fact it is. please do research on Pancrase, a quick google or wikipedia search will clarify it for you. the lack of close-fisted strikes does not change the fact that it is mixed martial arts.

  22. rwin1 says:

    Almost every martial art is a mix of different fighting styles and have different rules.Thats why this is called pancrase and not mma. And if i search for a Pancrase movie, i type in Pancrase not mma, so i will not find this movie. Thats why names are so handy, if u use them correct..

  23. Beshimi says:

    news flash: pancrase is a MMA organization.

  24. physicalzone says:

    well frank shamrock does have a great muscle structure. He would have been great as an IFBB pro πŸ˜›

  25. rwin1 says:

    Its pancrase, not mma. And terible sync btw