Best Brands of MMA Clothing Lines

| May 2, 2011

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is one of today’s most popular combat sports in the market. And because of its popularity, many brands of clothing lines in the market today were introduced to compliment the growing popularity of MMA in the sporting industry and in the market. Here are some of the most popular brands of MMA clothing lines available today:



Tapout is one of the most popular brands of MMA clothing lines in the market today. Part of what made the brand popular is because it was one of the few brands that popularized MMA in the US and of the rest of the world.


It was founded by Charles Lewis, Jr. (also known as “Mask”) and Dan Caldwell (also known as “Punkass”) founded in 1997 in San Bernardino, California. And since its foundation, Tapout had continuously grown more popular in the market, particularly when the brand started to appear in UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the first organization that introduced MMA in the US.


Cage Fighter

Cage Fighter Clothing is one of the many brands acquired by MMA Authentics, which is another popular brand of MMA clothing line the market. Like many other MMA clothing lines, Cage Fighter Clothing also specializes in providing some of the most authentic MMA combat shirts and shorts in the market. Start your own wholesale mma clothing business with


Some of the most popular personalities that have worn the brand include World Lightweight Champion, BJ Penn, Pride Middleweight Champion, Dan Henderson, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell, and WEC Champion Urijah Faber, which further gave rise to the brand in the market.


Bad Boy MMA

Before there was Tapout, Bad Boy was already there. Before MMA had become a popular sport around the world, Bad Boy was already known as a top brand of MMA clothing line from where it came.


According to fashion experts, Bad Boy originated from Brazil, which was one of the first countries to have practiced MMA. Because of the popularity of MMA in the country, Bad Boy quickly gained a lot of popularity, until MMA was introduced in the US that Bad Boy had started to expand globally.


UFC Clothing

Other than a popular name of an MMA organized event, UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championship had also introduced their own MMA clothing brand under the same label. And similar to the popularity of UFC in the sporting industry, the brand of had also gained a lot of popularity from its many followers. Start your own wholesale mma clothing business with For more information you may visit to our site at .

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