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| February 19, 2011

Picking up numerous different fighting concepts is an area that I have always benefited from as I experienced real life situations in clubs, bars, prisons, and working as a bouncer. A number of benefits can be had in studying mixed fighting events like the Ultimate Fighting Championships. In reading the current article, you will discover a few truly real and powerful means of defending yourself in an actual confrontation.

Self Defense Mixed Martial Arts Training Tip #1 – The ability to keep up your strength in a fight for a good 20 minute time frame is among the most potent features of the combination martial practitioner. Cardiovascular training, and not just strength training, either practiced in the gym, at home, or in both places, must be kept up on a daily, regular routine. Regardless of if you are going through daily ab crunches and push ups or powering through two hour exercise routines three times per week at the local gym, this constant training for endurance is critical to stay in the best possible shape in case you get into a real street fight.

Mixed Martial Arts Self Defense Training Idea #2 – The key is in being consistent. Training, preparing yourself for an attack, and practicing sparring on a consistent basis is essential in making victory in a fight certain. You will not be ready should the moment arrive when you have to defend yourself against an actual assailant, unless you suit up in pads and gear and constantly spar other opponents. Real combination fighters train by FIGHTING on a daily basis! Although watching the UFC offers several benefits, just looking at the television set by itself does not help you at all. Go out of your house, register for a martial arts training or self defense class, and get physically fit.

Self Defense And Mixed Martial Arts Training Tip #3 – Daily physical combat practice is necessary for you to triumph. Buy yourself a good set of sparring equipment (you can even split it with a friend), or get involved in a local martial arts dojo which really concentrates on (and actually practices on a regular basis) hands on fighting tactics which involve true to life defense scenarios. You should have to fight, in order to really become the greatest fighter you possibly can be. You will feel greater confidence, if you have to fend off a violent attacker, through routine practice and greater training to fight experience.

You want to build on these components of the martial arts I have just outlined in this article. Remember that UFC moves actually can be helpful in a real fight on the streets. A great number of their practices are truly efficient, and you ought to work them into your fighting techniques.

Keeping yourself in top physical shape, along with putting the three techniques I discussed to work for yourself, will enable you to be secure and to become a much more intimidating opponent if you are attacked in the real world.

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