Black MMA Grappling Piranha Gear Board Shorts (Flex-Panel) Blank, Small

| December 19, 2010

Black MMA Grappling Piranha Gear Board Shorts (Flex-Panel) Blank, Small

  • Quality polyester / nylon blend (80/20)
  • “Long” thigh length – with a FLEX PANEL in legs and groin!
  • Velcro double closure waist (no rough part exposed)
  • Split side seams for maximum freedom of movement
  • Machine washable

Black fight shorts, ideal for submission wrestling and MMA. With a Spandex/Lycra flex panel running through the inside of the legs and groin, they stretch easily. These shorts are SUPER comfortable. With the stretch panel, they don’t need to be as “baggy” to allow the same freedom of movement found in other fight shorts (though they are a bit more baggy than “everyday” board shorts on purpose).

They also have an internal drawstring, velcro closure on the front/fly and an elastic waistband. As with all of our shorts, they are not heavy material common to some swim suits and board shorts, but a light weight material for maximum comfort and flexibility. Made with fighting and working out in mind, everything about them was done with their primary purpose in mind.

The waist is ELASTIC but see our size chart for an accurate waist measurement before ordering. Also be sure to use your actual waist measurement, NOT your pants size to get the best fit.

These shorts are made of 80% polyester and 20% nylon. They are not “slick” (like 100% poly) nor “sticky” like a microfiber would be. These shorts are “blank” on the outside – no logo or embroidery.

List Price: $ 59.99


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