BOKATOR- The Lost of Khmer Ancient Martial Arts

| September 24, 2010

A few of Survivor Khmer Martial Arts Master.

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  1. KensaiZen says:

    1. If we stole your art. how come your empire got destroyed by us? wouldn’t the inventors be better then people who stole a little bit?
    2. All khmer culture is taken from south indian culture. You people didn’t invent shit.
    3. You people buy into too much government propaganda (yeah so do the Thais) promote your own shit rather than belittle others..

  2. DangersMines says:

    Muay Thai is stolen from Khmer Pradal Serei.

  3. jesman1985 says:

    kind of looks like muy thai..

  4. NariShishitsu says:

    2:59 I love it! ò_ò

  5. MyNameBaboo says:

    @LostCali4niaAngel Of course. Khmer empire is one of the greatest civilizations!

  6. LostCali4niaAngel says:

    my grandpa is really good in bokator..but he is dead now…my dad doesn’t know it because his health was too weak to learn it from him T.T…
    {khmer ppl, whooh no wonder we were known for our bravery!!!!}
    2:41 was so head would hurt from all of that……..

  7. JinXPhantom says:

    i know

  8. DangersMines says:

    The whole Thailand was Khmer land, Khmer already created Khmer civilization like Khmer boxing so Thai just came and steal Khmer boxing from Khmer people and changed to Thai name. Even the western word of BOX came from the Khmer word BOK

  9. Vannarith96 says:

    the master should not really say bokator is the best even though i represent khmer all the way but every martial art is unique that’s why they call it art.
    muay thai,kun khmer,karate it is all art and all very unique!!!!!

  10. JinXPhantom says:

    i hate how thailand pretty much stole our martial art and turned into muay thai.

  11. DangersMines says:

    The lost and found Khmer BOKATOR.
    Now the westerner got to give Khmer credit for using the Khmer word BOK for BOX.

  12. SakeMartini says:

    thanx for making things clear, my bad if i worded my comment wrong, totally agree with wat u say.

  13. Rafutooie says:

    That’s not clear at all, the Khmer culture goes back all the way to 500 BC. The collapse of the Khmer civilization in the 1400s, 70s genocide, and the fact nationalism that the Thai commercialized their culture so much makes it very far from being obvious.

  14. SakeMartini says:

    i think its rather the other way round with khmer deriving things from the thai, it is already recorded that ankor got saked by the thai in 1431 A.D, origin or not, i think one can clearly see the answer

  15. khamerak008 says:

    You right! it’s not human weapon. It is ‘ Digging the True ‘

  16. DranzieBooy says:

    This is not human weapon, human weapon is the show wit the 2 guys similiar to fight quest.

  17. princeparinya says:

    Muay Thai is Muay Thai.

    BOKATOR look like Wrestling

    Do not think Bokator is origin.

    Several times Khmer derived manything from Thai too.

  18. khamerak008 says:

    It’s call ‘Human Weapon’

  19. DranzieBooy says:

    What is the name of the show?

  20. emptypockets8 says:

    That’s because Muay Thai is derived from pradal serey a watered-down version of Bokator

  21. BhunLocc says:

    Kalaripayutta was introduced to the shaolin by Bodi Dharma of India.

  22. crane76 says:

    From what I see here, there is very little difference btw Muay Khmer and Muay Thai.

  23. TheEddiegonzo says:

    Yea put a boxer on his back and he is a fish out of water.

  24. TheLibertard says:

    gơd for duck fight

  25. KINHTOC says:

    the kuy is not originated in india my dear , the kuy is native they lived in thai-lao and cambodia !