BRUCE LEE SPEAKS: On Martial Arts, His Life and Legacy

| August 1, 2010

Entertainment reporter Tim Estiloz profiles martial arts legend Bruce Lee… focusing on his legendary life, films and ongoing legacy. Long before Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Chuck Norris… Bruce Lee set the standard for realistic martial arts in film and TV. All martial artists in Hollywood today owe a huge debt to this trailblazer in the genre and sport. Bruce Lee was more than an actor… he was an athlete devoted to the realistic depiction and respect for the martial arts. This video follows Lee’s early days in Hollywood… to his success in Hong Kong and ultimately Hollywood legend. This video was produced and written by Tim Estiloz. It originally aired on the TV entertainment program, Backstage – seen on CN8 The Comcast Network. See more of Tim Estiloz’ entertainment and celebrity interview on YouTube under the channel “FilmFanTV”… and be sure to subscribe to more videos. Be sure to visit Tim’s website:

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  1. namster008 says:

    Being a chinese myself grwoing up outside of China, in my case UK. I too felt the prejudices aimed at me when I was grwoing up a small child. I guess being the only small chinese boy at school was an porb an easy target!

    I first watched a Bruce Lee film when I was eight years old, and since then I was hooked! He became my hero, my role model and an inspriration to me as I was growing up. Infact he inspired me so much he changed my outlook on life and prob my lfe in general.

    Thank you Bruce

  2. sunp says:

    i think he had plenty for 2 kids.

  3. quickmantan says:

    gives me shivers what an amazing man..

  4. koolwen51 says:

    i think bruce lee would be pleased in tony jaa

  5. xProdigyChildx says:

    On the info about this vid. “focusing on his legendary life, films and ongoing legacy. Long before Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Chuck Norris” Both Jackie Chan and chuck Norris where there. Chuck did have nothing at that time bruce lee is helped his fame. Now jackie he was pushing a diffrent direction in life. Making a diffrents in hong kong cinema.

  6. dverners says:

    it’s was film footage by MGM

  7. 209Sin says:

    YOU interviewed him?

  8. takeninjcanada says:

    an excellent video thanks for sharing this 5 stars.

  9. FilmFanTV says:

    If you mean the gut who directly interviewed Bruce Lee – good question.
    I’ll look into it.
    Tim Estiloz the reporter on this overall story… AKA “FilmFanTV”… is VERY much alive.

  10. slimshady095 says:

    i wonder if that interviewer guy on that show is still alive

  11. FilmFanTV says:

    The scene was part of a film in the late 60’s called “Marlowe” starring James Garner. … but, Lee’s kicks were real.

  12. voiceofexpression says:

    i dont get it…the part that when bruce lee got mad and start kicking and punching in that one man’s office…is it real or is it just a movie?

  13. Architrash says:

    haha hes the best

  14. davidlars99 says:

    be water…

  15. vamdam2k says:

    bruce lee live forever ….yeahhhh

  16. HDsharp says:

    I dont think things have moved on that much asians still face the same kind of prejudices today..

  17. wildreams says:

    learn the art of dying, lol.

  18. mfuji00001 says:

    I believe that one, death by misadventure was for insurance $ so linda could take care of brandon & shannon.

  19. KungFuMan95 says:

    that kick he does wen he smashes that light that was really high and he died becuase of a allergic reaction to a asprin he had inbetty ting pei’s apartment while he was filming game of death.

  20. FilmFanTV says:

    Many rumors abound.

  21. tamirbssb says:

    whattt a man… thx for amazing clip

  22. mfuji00001 says:

    over dosed on nepal hash.

  23. KIRAyagami610 says:

    i too agree. Forever Bruce lee.

  24. KarimHouari says:

    Amazing man

  25. Archfiend5 says:

    Be water my friend man hes the man I really like him Its so sad he died 🙁 but i hope many of us would never forget the legend that stirred the reputation of martial arts around the world ?! LegenD AKA BRucE