Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love (Martial Arts Remix)

| July 17, 2010

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Category: MMA Videos

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  1. purplepinkbarbie says:

    perfect choreography

  2. CherryBradshaw says:

    @Kai6786, Being jealous would require Cheryl to aquire something that I don’t have and I envy her for it. Let me think? Hmmm… still thinking… NOPE. Nothing! Not jealous in the slightest, thanks for your observation though.

  3. Kai6786 says:

    Jealous bitch?

  4. Kai6786 says:

    lol same about Holland, hate what we are sending in.. watch comming year it’s horrid.

  5. Dessyslava says:

    Cause they dont pay millions…!

  6. JoannaCrawford1 says:

    I still <3 this song soo much 🙂

  7. CherryBradshaw says:

    @smoothswinging14, Screw Cheryl, Come back DANNII MINOGUE WE MISS YOU!!!

  8. CherryBradshaw says:

    @fadgegirl76, Lol I agree. She has such a monotone dull voice, this clearly shows her lack of singing ability.

  9. purplepinkbarbie says:

    @fadgegirl76 i meant … so focused on what she does ))))))

  10. jackatube says:

    @alcazaruk Because Eurovision sucks (was good a long time ago). As a good performer to go at Eurovision is like competing against retarded people.

  11. fadgegirl76 says:

    @purplepinkbarbie she’s not orange juice

  12. fadgegirl76 says:

    Where are the high notes in this song? I dont think there is any

  13. purplepinkbarbie says:

    she is absolutely perfect. so concentrated.

  14. kazzam99 says:

    I’m sorry she just can’t sing live!!! she’s brutal, she wouldnt even make it to boot camp on x factor!!

  15. smoothswinging14 says:

    heard Cheryl is fighting malaria…wishing you a speedy recovery Cheryl. After you get well, please come visit us in Brasil.

  16. jellytots2008 says:

    I really like Cheryl Cole, she is gorgeous

  17. Ceolburg says:

    @CherryBradshaw sorry im just gonna ignore u ppl like u just wont stop sorry i wasted ur time

  18. CherryBradshaw says:

    @Ceolburg, Well shows how little you know, I’m not ugly in the slightest, and I’ve got a gorgeous boyfriend. What’s to be jealous of? Her teeth? Paid for. Her hair? Paid for. Her tan? Paid for. Her Figure? Personal Trainer = Paid For. Her Voice? LMAO that’s funny. Nope, can’t find anything to be jealous of, try again!!

  19. agenziagoogle says:

    tanti auguri cheryl !!!

  20. Ceolburg says:

    @CherryBradshaw haha take a look at urself ur just jealous that shes the prettiest thing on the planet i bet ur ugly and fat irl

  21. CherryBradshaw says:

    @Ceolburg, Erm no her assult was un-provoked. And even if it wasn’t it still doesn’t give her the right to visciously attack someone. Her sweetness and light act is all an act to gain popularity and sales for her album. As I always say, once a spiteful viscious chav, always a spiteful viscious chav!

  22. wonderingheights says:

    Awesome job! Love the whole theme

  23. MissLulu55555 says:

    this sounds so good and she sings so great that it sounds like play beck but it isnt play beck

  24. Ceolburg says:

    @CherryBradshaw look buddy, no ones fucking retarded enough 2 beat up someone for no reason alright? the toilet attendant was being a douche bag anyways

  25. Ceolburg says:

    This is a bit weird for Cheryl… But I still love her!