Combat Sports: Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts

| February 8, 2010

A short documentary on the two sports of boxing and MMA. Things addressed in this film are: the history, traditions, impact and the famous question “boxing or MMA?” Special thanks to Allan Lagan, David Borjon, Daniel Thomas, Erick Montano, Kyle Cometta, Ricardo Barros, and everyone at Allan’s…

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  1. nmbo76jklq says:


  2. nmbo76jklq says:

    dud you doing three things it every thing fuck boxing

  3. nmbo76jklq says:

    i no thas write

  4. Gorideyurbike says:

    @shuriken86 Dont really want to know about wrestling or jiu jitsu, But yeah Pacman

  5. shuriken86 says:

    well thats just ur opinion, its only boring because you dont know anything about wrestling or jiu jitsu, I do so some of the groundwork can get pretty exciting, infact the jiu jitsu is just as scientiifc as boxing if not more. But yea i love boxing too, btw waddya think about Pacquiao vs Mayweather, in rootin for Manny

  6. Gorideyurbike says:

    @shuriken86 Same.. If boxing and mma is on.. I sitch to boxing
    If boxing isnt on.. I still dont watch mma.. It’s not as exciting

  7. thenewgeneration123 says:

    Thank god for combat sports, the world would suck if it dident exist

  8. shuriken86 says:

    haha i kno right, jiu jitsu isnt that entertaining unless some guy gets put to sleep, a broken arm, slammed, Judo thrown, or Souplexed haha thats about it for me and the groundgame other than that, its not very exciting

  9. shuriken86 says:

    yea haha have you nticed in MMA the best fighters are the ones who actually act like martial artists not just fighters

  10. grkted5 says:

    they are genieses but people want entertianment man, they dont wanna see guys rolling around, they want to see great fights. gatti- ward , ali- frazier – those are fights, forrest griffin- stephan bonnar – that was a FIGHT. Anderson silva is awesome too, he finishes guys in spectacular fashion.

  11. grkted5 says:

    BOXING is for sure a martial art. Its the science of movement , evasion, etc. So much comes into play in boxing. The fighters are in amazing physical condition and they train hard every day to make there punches more accurate, faster and more powerful. It takes a very long time to actually master boxing. MMA is more of a bunch of meat head guys mostly , they are wrestlers that dont have honor except for some guys like couture i think. the meat heads get there as beat by guys like a. silva.

  12. shuriken86 says:

    exactly i totally agree the reason why ppl think BJJ is gay is because theyre foolish and ignorant, an are only looking for two guys to bang it out, but in reality BJJ and other grappling styles are extremely scientific, lol the guys who perfected or made the styles are geniuses

  13. Ljenkins9000 says:

    Yeah I like noticing the differences (faster, better punches in boxers), but there’s just so much more involved in MMA: kicks, knees, elbows, submissions, wrestling. MMA can be much more boring if you don’t understand the ground game though, but I’ve done a little BJJ so for me even the ground game is really exciting.

  14. shuriken86 says:

    wow really, i dunno mma has made boxing more excitng to me, i like seeing the faster punchers, crisper form, and precise evasion, it all adds up into a beautiful form of martial art, lol especially when fast and graceful guys like Manny are shadowboxing

  15. Ljenkins9000 says:

    Yeah the real problem with boxers getting hurt is also that they can get knocked out multiple times in one fight but the fight won’t end until they’re down for 10 seconds. Boxers have the strongest punches in the world as well (since it’s all they do), and they only really punch to the head, so brain trauma and death would naturally be more common in boxing.

    It’s a great martial art. I’ve been watching it less since I discovered MMA though. Looks a bit boring after you get in to watching MMA.

  16. shuriken86 says:

    i notcied none of the views were biased, like the boxers didnt say anything like MMA sucks, and the MMA and martial artists didnt go and say boxing is boring, and wont last, i liked this vid

  17. shuriken86 says:

    the beginning of the vid is friggin sick with the drums

  18. shuriken86 says:

    yea but in all reality mma is more safe too, boxers get hit way more, and they hit way harder and faster than an mma fighter, also too MMA fights only have 5 rounds, while boxing has 12, more boxers suffer brain trauma but it is still a gr8 style and sport

  19. shuriken86 says:

    lol martial arts is sweet science, and yea boxing is a martial art, it was trained in the military along with wrestling and is developed for combative or martial purposes, and it is very well artistic, Martial art doesnt just belong to asians you know?

  20. shuriken86 says:

    xactly, beautiful and well said MMA is a system not a martial art in itself, however it is the more complete system out of all martial arts, or combat training regime

  21. Neotrigunnerx says:

    then youd be even more screwed if a wrestler has u pinned and bites u at the same time

  22. Neotrigunnerx says:

    exactly.. but some krav schools spar mma but i bet even thats rare.. well anyways i see krav maga likes to talk theory and practice and i bet lots of it work.. but mma.. well they put it to work
    and its hellah entertaining

  23. Ljenkins9000 says:

    “I think what he is trying to say is that the ultimate fighter slogan is misleading ppl into think that modern day mma(ufc) is like the most effective and deadliest art ever which is not true.”

    MMA isn’t exactly an art. It is “Mixed” Martial Arts, or, the best of many arts put together. It is ever evolving and will always take the best from any fixed system. That is why MMAs beat everyone else, and them beating everyone else makes it certainly seem like the most effective thing to do.

  24. Ljenkins9000 says:

    Lol, yeah try biting or eye gouging Anderson Silva. With that strategy you’re sure to win. LOL