Compilation of the Funniest Moments in Mixed Martial arts 1

| February 17, 2010

Compilation of bloopers / funny moments in Mixed Martial arts 1. parts 2 to 7 were blocked by yotube you can find them at view my other highlights at visit my webpage at

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  1. tomrichugpeltho says:


  2. jSnx1 says:

    8:56 ftw

  3. plasticboy81 says:

    james thompson got tommyknocked.

  4. buchdich says:

    Jasom mayhem miller laughing at 0:23 ? :p

  5. dtaft01 says:

    who the hell is that big freak??

  6. dtaft01 says:

    im pretty sure that was heath herring

  7. dtaft01 says:

    blowing your opponent a kiss is one thing but being a queer and kissing him on the lips. he deserved exactly what he got!

  8. guitarlegend41 says:

    what the hell is wrong with the loading.. i mean it stops and freezes for a few minutes and it goes agian for a couple of seconds and stop.. but other than that its pretty funny good job.

  9. brybry19871987 says:

    I feel sorry for Heath Herring’s girlfriends….

  10. EbopAllDay says:

    0:43 its a fat bj penn lol

  11. darth910 says:

    the dude in the blue at 0:33 wouldnt have lasted 30 seconds lol.

  12. ix3623 says:

    just so everyone knows, you can watch part 2 in the link in the was blocked from youtube

  13. ix3623 says:

    thanks for the comment you can watch part 2 at the link in the blocked it so i can’t post it on youtube

  14. tnawrestlingorginal says:


  15. aviego1 says:

    keep up the good work, can’t wait for part 2!

  16. ifightbecauseilikeit says:

    classic stuff

    love your HLs man keep em coming 😀