Compilation of the Funniest Moments in Mixed Martial arts – volume one

| July 5, 2010

Compilation of bloopers / funny moments in Mixed Martial arts – volume one. view my other highlights at visit my webpage at

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  1. Sativa345 says:

    the last one on the vid is amazing

  2. rmrider201 says:

    last clip is the best

  3. burrtoocold says:


  4. dni10 says:

    @watuchie Hell isn’t holy !

  5. sgfli says:

    What is so funny about Diego Sanchez???

  6. Caofighter says:


  7. ix3623 says:


    Paulo Cesar “Giant” Silva

  8. watuchie says:

    Holy hell.. Who’s the giant at 7:03?

  9. ix3623 says:


    you’re welcome..thanks for watching

  10. BeezleTheIceMan says:

    man i praise you for this vid i benn waiting for funny mma moments thank u

  11. ix3623 says:


    i made over 20 volumes of funny moments in mma…there’s clips of him in later case you didn’t notice,..this is only volume 1

  12. fiorious44 says:

    How do you make a compilation of the sports funniest moments without one single tribute to Charles “Crazy Horse” Bennet.

  13. Pelle2k says:

    @dowf777 lol good eye dude:) seems like he kinda hides the roach when he realizes that he is on the screen:)

  14. MrDoriangray85 says:

    hello japan

  15. SuperGonggong says:


  16. LeftHandedDude20 says:

    Diego Sanchez: YES! YES! YES!. lol

  17. Smith89123 says:


  18. dowf777 says:

    1:40 the guy is actually smoking weed on tv. sweet hahahahaha.

  19. StackLoc5O5 says:

    ” i dont know how to describe that”

  20. Halfredneck001 says:

    LOL! I remember watching UFC 95 and Diego came out doing the “YES” thing! He looked like he was foaming at the freaking mouth HAHAHA!

  21. osiris3yhn says:

    how did i know that god damn russian looking mother fucker was gonna lose

  22. bassretard says:

    hallo japan

  23. 8underscore8 says:

    thats what you get dumbass,.. LOL!!

  24. iBoX96 says:

    its not mayhem is bas rutten.

  25. recursof says: