Compilation of the Funniest Moments in Mixed Martial arts – volume three

| August 4, 2010

Compilation of bloopers / funny moments in Mixed Martial arts – volume three. view my other highlights at visit my webpage at

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  1. chuckyko says:

    7:10 Hey, Diego, why don’t you just call it the totally gay, faggot, ass pirate cartwheel?

  2. respeezy says:

    never saw that sakuraba entrance , awesome!

  3. marleySux says:

    love colemans roid rage, or was it tard rage?

  4. azfryguy says:

    haha tito that night you were machidas bitch

  5. keikuru1 says:

    murilo is so cute.

  6. ix3623 says:



  7. staatsgrenzen says:

    I’m only at volume 3 and they are all very funny XD XD

  8. wgFlatliner says:


  9. chiwiwiwi says:

    Don’t be cocky when you are fighting the rua’s 😉

  10. LethalSystem says:

    ah yes, “The yes cartwheel” how could we forget that Diego.

  11. 2StepMurder says:


    Ya I think it is

  12. 2StepMurder says:

    1:43 thats pretty nice kneebar

  13. capricorni76 says:

    How you won??

  14. ix3623 says:



  15. elijahcrigger says:

    Dude, your videos are fucking awesome!

  16. StackLoc5O5 says:

    @ix3623 true it could of been roids because pride didnt really check for steriods .

  17. ix3623 says:


    just look up “fedor coleman backstage” on youtube

  18. ix3623 says:


    it was after his first fight with fedor. he was just pissed off that he lost…maybe a little roid rage..who can find the full aftermath on youtube

  19. StackLoc5O5 says:

    @ix3623 sorry i never saw the coleman vs fedor fight this might sound stuiped but was he pissed off because he lost or what?

  20. ix3623 says:



  21. Halfredneck001 says:

    4:17 Is that when Coleman lost to Fedor?

  22. artisaucy says:


  23. ifightbecauseilikeit says: