Compilation of the Funniest Moments in Mixed Martial arts – volume two

| August 7, 2010

Compilation of bloopers / funny moments in Mixed Martial arts – volume two. view my other highlights at visit my webpage at

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  1. godlikecharacta says:

    rob browning greatest fighter ever!

  2. azfryguy says:

    haha what fight was dana in when he called up wand and liddel

  3. CrackWarrior says:

    ken shamrock and dan severn hahahaha

  4. SluttyRustyFork says:

    lol silva wants to fuck chuck

  5. SluttyRustyFork says:

    @DrPepperPope Agreed!

  6. Calugaru16 says:

    awesome videos

  7. EDC1993 says:

    how dare he violate snoopy. why?

  8. advent8888888888 says:

    dana is a dick

  9. mazda1988fc3s says:

    that pink berry was gay as hell

  10. 420Dipstick says:

    jesus christ Jason Miller is such a fucking FAGGOT!

  11. ix3623 says:


    thank you for the comment drpepperpope

  12. DrPepperPope says:

    nice vids ur awesome

  13. chiwiwiwi says:

    No… ROB BROWNING is the coolest guy ever. LMFAOOOO!!!!

  14. METHODMAN4EVA says:

    hahaha i want to fuck!! and after he said that he said FUCK CHUCK

  15. ALLFYE says:

    Okay, Mahem is officially the coolest dude I’ve ever seen.

  16. Caofighter says:

    Dont fear me….. FAIL!!! =)

  17. ix3623 says:


    the referee dan miragliotta raised the wrong person’s hand

  18. ManyDuckling says:

    wat was funny about the paul taylor decision

  19. TooMuchEase says:

    you looking very gay and i want a shitle tot

  20. SEATTLEBOI253 says:


  21. ix3623 says:


    mike swick vs ben saunders

  22. madroxz says:

    who is that at 5:42

  23. BeezleTheIceMan says:

    im subscribing to you love the vid

  24. ix3623 says:


    thanks for watching

  25. chiggz says:

    Hahah the fuckin Pinkberry commercial with Mayhem is fucking Epic, never saw that shit before lmao, shoulda been Fedor doin it 😛 Awesome compilations dude, thanks!! Cheers