Dan Henderson Hendo in New Mixed Martial Arts Documentary

| February 23, 2010

Bas Rutten – Dan Henderson – Mario Sperry – Shawn Tompkins – Frank Shamrock – Dean Lister – Duane Ludwig – Murilo Bustamante – Jay Hieron – Chris Horodecki – Sam Stout – Mark Hominick – Bebeo Duarte – Antonio Rogerio Nogueira – Paulo Filho Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in America, and to ride that wave, you have to become a complete athlete, physically as well as mentally. The pioneers of the sport join you in this documentary, in the search for what it takes to become a champion. Intelligence, creativity, discipline and hard work demonstrate the great skills behind the most supreme fighters in the world, showing what makes the sport so exciting: Intelligent and creative athletes bringing the human body to a new level, in a sport of infinite techniques. Through unique interviews and amazing training footage, POTENT will bring you inside the minds of the best and most complete fighters in the world, giving you an inside view of mixed martial arts shown in a way you never saw before. POTENT is going to change the way you think . UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL.

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  1. jtmsl says:

    damn you see jay crack that guy at the end???lol

  2. johnapple123 says:

    Because it’s mix of the best techniques from various martial arts including but not limited to: western boxing, muay thai, dutch kick boxing, judo, various types of wrestling, bjj, sambo and more.

  3. tacks96 says:

    Those videos are incredibly hilarious

  4. 318SIDAVE says:

    In reality Randleman got ripped-off with that fight, Bas got tooled all the way but the judges gave it to him anyway.

  5. joaopnz says:

    There is not need to be rude… I’ve seen his video. I’ve also seen a video of him on a documentary about fighter, were he delivers a kick to the body that has a incredible power.. Thank God he kicked a crash dummy…

    see ya !

  6. joaopnz says:

    I know but let be honest, he only fought twice for that title. And the Title match he won by a split decision against Kevin Randleman.
    I am sure he was good, he would kick my ass blind folded but I don’t think he was a top, There is no doubt he could be a top but I mean, how can he be if he only fought 3 times, most of his fights were pancrase. He was for sure a Pancrase TOP fighter… If not the best…

  7. PaleMoonRider9 says:

    i am not sure if u know your own ass. Bas Rutten is a living legend. for a good laugh check out his street fighting technique vid

  8. kaisergrimpe says:

    Remember we have near to 20 years of footage showing different martial arts techniques being used by many fighters in a ring or cage area. Some things have been proven to be better then other in that specific invirement. What works is kept and modefied with time and what doesnt is’nt kept. Its that simple. Some martial arts like grappling arts are always evolving and adapting so it explains why it has so much importance in the sport.ex:Muy thai and grappling arts focus alot on realtime sparring

  9. kaisergrimpe says:

    “regelemihai”: its called MMA because like you said its a mixture of martial arts. The one that have been proven with time (since around the 90’s)to be the most efficient. striking martial arts are often Boxing and Muay Thaï.But you have also fighters coming from other striking martial arts backround. After you have wresling, Brazilian jiu jitsu, judo also focusing on the ground and close contact area of a fight. this is very !simplefied! but gives u an idea of mma.

  10. angelonfire182 says:

    ur a tard

  11. regelemihai says:

    Can someone explain to me please why it’s called “mixed martial arts” …in what way is this style a “mix” of other martial arts? …it’s just kickboxing with ground work…that’s all. At least from what I see.

  12. ElbowsAndKnees says:

    he’s only a 2 time UFC LHW champion.

  13. Skr3wdriv3r says:

    he was ufc heavy weight champ….

  14. joaopnz says:

    Iam not sure if Bass R. was a top MMA figher, but as a trainner he’s very good. Always trainning top fighter, including Mark Kerr!

  15. pontius says:

    cant wait to see this!

  16. EpicurusThirteen says:

    Looks interesting. Then again I am a rea sucker for anything related to MMA ; )