Dan “Hendo ” Henderson wins light heavyweight STRIKEFORCE Title at age 40 with trademark righthand KO !!

| April 5, 2011

Dan Henderson cements his legacy in the world of MMA with another title at the age of 40 in the light heavyweight divsion of strikeforce vs Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante. Henderson had his right hand cocked and loaded from the start of round 1. It was no secret that this was his weapon of choice but Rafael was unable to stop “the H -bomb” from landing in round 3 to all but end the fight and winning another title to add to his long list of accomplishments in MMA.

In round 1 Rafael had surprised Dan Henderson with a power right of his own to the face of Hendo that knocked him to the ground, but Dan was able to get up quickly and grab Rafael and take him to the mat where Dan used his ground control game to re-group and recover from the knockdown. Feijao also landed a huge leg kick in round 1 that bruised the thigh above the knee on Hendo.

Round 2 seen Henderson use his dominant wrestling skills to takedown his larger opponent a couple of times to win a closely contested round. Rafael went for an early takedown but was stuffed by a sprawling Henderson. Rafael showed some strong resolve by reversing position when Henderson had top position but he could do nothing effective with it. After being seperated from ref Mirgliotaa, the round came to an end without much more action.

In what was an all but even fight to this point, round 3 got off to a bang when Henderson’s right hand came over the top to land with concussive force and Rafael landed head first into the mat with a loud thud. Hendo quicky jumped on top to land a few meaningless shots before the ref Dan Miragliotta mercifully stopped the bout at the :50 second mark. At the age of 40 yrs and 6 mths Dan Henderson became the second oldest man to win a major mma championship behind only Randy Couture’s 43 years. Henderson has shown that he can compete and win against men half his age and bigger then him with his wrestling skils and haymaker of a right hand that must put fear into any opponent that faces him.

Written by Choke Slam

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