Extended fight scene of District B13 – Cyril Raffaelli

| May 6, 2010

Extended casino fight scene of District B13 The male lead: Cyril Raffaelli (Damien) is also the director of Martial Arts of the film. In this extended casino fight scene, which is extracted from the DVD, Cyril showed his skill of Mixed Martial Arts

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  1. xxRit00xx says:

    u rock dude

  2. SirKickz says:

    @Gforce000 I think you are underestimating how incredibly difficult it is to choreograph even a 2v1 fight, much less more than 2. That’s why, in most movies, you see enemies filing in one at a time. Jackie Chan’s talent for those kinds of scenes is his trademark ability, and you can’t honestly expect Cyril to live up to that. The man is REALLY good, don’t get me wrong, but he isn’t as yet that good.

  3. SirKickz says:

    I think one of the reasons this scene is so good is because the lead stuntman directed and choreographed it. When you have the same directing the martial arts for the film who is also DOING most of the martial arts for the film, you get something awesome, because that guy knows what he is and isn’t capable of, and can stretch the limits of his own abilities to provide a spectacular action scene.

  4. sahran37000 says:

    Banlieue 13

  5. rohbit says:

    @yothtiger Agreed! I was talking to my friend about how there are few stuntmen out there with the work ethic and vision of the old greats (Jackie, Sammo, etc.), and I’d argue that Cyril is one of them. However, I think that editing really does him a disservice and we need more editors who just hold back on the “cut” tool and cinematographers who just embrace the wide-angle shot when you have talent like belle, raffaelli and jaa around.

  6. yothtiger says:

    I have seen this movie 15 times already and It would have been great to include the entire fight sequence. This was done flawlessly and Cyril is a true expert at hand-to -hand. I just watched him in Live Free or Die Hard and he needs more screen time to display his talents. Good job Cyril.

  7. Gforce000 says:

    This fight scene sux. Whoever director this scene should learn from Jackie Chan. I tell you why. About 15 guys joined the fight and they all come “1 by 1” lol. even worse, there are no exchange fighting. One hit one kill like he’s super man.

  8. OHVImedia says:

    1:09 – 1:27 is realy cool

  9. 1bol1 says:

    i see alot of wushu and TKD

  10. leo00792 says:

    Gest fight scenes… nah i dont think so….

  11. sparkyluvzCJ4eva says:

    one of the best fight scenes i have ever seen

  12. Trashy900 says:

    They do have District B13 Ultimatum though

  13. ImesswithZohan says:

    no there not…

  14. ohmygoditsamazing says:

    they should have put the whole fight scene in the movie, it shows how much of a badass he is, loved the movie!!

  15. geekboyII says:

    I didn’t realize the importance of sound effects until I saw this clip.

  16. Lacrimosar says:

    so lame…

  17. Touphnuts10 says:


  18. pupipeti says:

    0:29 awesome move
    In this movie Cyril like James Bond/Jet Li

  19. jiggerman2 says:

    they making district 14

  20. silviocostin says:

    Amazing !! The movie was great !!! I hope in the future we’re gonna see something new from Cyril , a new movie !!!

  21. LilTwistaX says:

    they said this scene alone took 6 days to make

  22. Chancellor43 says:

    WTF? u said the movie is crap and then its awsum?? eeeeeeeeh?? make up ur mind lol

  23. kingdevil1234 says:

    ive sen the movie already
    fuking crap
    the movie is awsome

  24. ivranji22 says:

    kick ass!

  25. DanKenShi says:

    right. “Kiss Of The Dragon”.