Fedor Emelianenko Pre-Fight Strikeforce Interview

| September 12, 2010

Emelianenko talks to FanHouse’s Ariel Helwani about preparing for his fight against Brett Rogers on Saturday night.

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  1. bonds911 says:

    damm ariel hewani is taller than fedor how tall are you ariel and still fedor is the best of all heavyweights yo please next time you see emilianenko ask him wazz up with his brother and if he gives half his earnings to the poor like alexander emilianenko does please ariel

  2. IIIIIIII says:

    i think i understand now when people say that fedor seems to look past you when he’s looking at you, cause when he looks at the camera, it’s as if you’re not there.

  3. MrPetyaalupka says:

    Федор русский герой

  4. pinoybalot5 says:

    @robyniggaz and your a nigga so you look like shit – literally.

  5. ryanmtanner says:

    lol 2:32

  6. TheDuffy4881 says:

    @robyniggaz I’m not gonna deny that he might not be the greatest today. However I do beleive that he is the best to ever fight in MMA. Until someone has accomplished what he has, he will be the most legendary fighter in MMA history.. Anybody that can’t see or accept that is just plain ignorant.

  7. robyniggaz says:

    @TheDuffy4881 not even. brett sucks. so does fedor. hes not the greatest. some mma fans gotta learn that.

  8. TheDuffy4881 says:

    @robyniggaz Your just sad cause your boy Brett got Knocked the fuck out!!!!

  9. robyniggaz says:

    strikeforce heavyweight division = shit

    fedor = shit

  10. Edison26Alves says:

    BRASIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Theboxr says:

    Notice how he already has a scar on his nose. Seems he really was cut in training and brett just reopened it.

  12. karimrakha says:

    @VaporTrailMix …..wow…..finally some people have some heads …u go see what people told me when i said this comment on the fedor vs cro cop video….they seem to think the ufc fighters the only thing in this world…….

  13. karimrakha says:

    at least if fedor loses someday….which i hope will be so so far from now and i think its so so far from now…..he wont have anything to be ashamed of….never talks bullshit…never shows off…this is how great people act……

  14. VaporTrailMix says:

    @joesmoe77 That is why you won’t see Fedor Vs Brock. It’ll be the end of the UFC. How long can a league survive without a HW division? UFC HW division=JOKE

  15. WOGI5M says:

    lmao at 1:38 when Ariel asks about how fedor will perform in the cage, the guy in the background is like “what kind of question is that, moron”. lmao

  16. WOGI5M says:

    @khaking02 haha i noticed that too! lol

  17. soya28 says:

    Hate that translator. Fedor should fire that dumbass brawd.

  18. sandman27892789 says:

    ufc fears fedor

  19. TheTherock1993 says:

    Holy shit that guy in the background at 1:02 is SCARY.lol

  20. infectedlobe says:


  21. reporter says:

    fuck man Im tired of fuckin fedors annoying ass translator? like she cant even fuckin speak english. i cant understand shit what she saying fuckin fat bitch

  22. miketysone says:

    Start watching from 2:32 till 2:35
    Hahaha the funniest part

  23. commander1630 says:

    UFC is a joke, and White (pinhead) just trying to promote his fighters,its obvious. That’s his management style. Who’s out there in heavyweight division Lesnar, Carwin, Velasquez, Cro Cop, Kongo they are ordinary fighters, not even the best. They just got markteted in US like any other product. Common Lesnar 5-1, and hes the champion. JOKE. The simply dont have heavyweight division in UFC. And they know it. What if Carwin beats Lesnar ass, then what. ITs all bullcrap.

  24. c8h3p says:

    whats with the android making faces in the background?

  25. KarthikSoun says:

    Looks his nose already had a cut and that opened up in the fight! May be thats a weakness that others can open up and stop him.