Fight Science MMA – Rear Naked Choke (Sleeper Hold)

| May 12, 2010

Dean Lister knocks a guy out in the name of science using the Rear Naked Choke aka Sleeper Hold. From Fight Science – Mixed Martial Arts on National Geographic.

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  1. SlyHobbit says:

    “Is the sleeper hold scientific fact or fighting fiction?”……

    Seriously? So, this vid was made in 1300BC or what? How many times have we seen fighters purple in the face, and completely put to sleep via a rear naked choke? I guess all this “professional wrestling” bullshit has gotten people disillusioned to the point of just asking plain ridiculous questions….what a waste of time.

  2. yurherenow says:

    ummm dean give me a “rear” naked poke.some hot tight boy pussy for you.

  3. gamerfreak1011 says:

    @davidwilcox1982 it stops the blood flow to your brain, thats what!

  4. Thrasherofpuppets12 says:

    I got choked one time at a wrestling practice, and was out for like two minutes… trippy shit

  5. eyesack9 says:

    … You can kill someone by doing that stupid.

  6. greenvenomsk8punk says:

    once you have it exicuted its a good idea to push up with your abdomin to not only block his air supply and also put restarsint on the spine so the victim has almost no other way out.

  7. Ziji1 says:

    The rear naked choke is one that can be executed standing. Hooks on the ground are mostly to limit the defenders mobility. Hooks can also be a downfall to this move on the ground. If the hooks are planted before the choke is established the defender may try for some sort of leveraged toe hold.

  8. JoNsTaN15 says:

    The rear naked choke is by far the best known submission technique in Martial Arts, however it is also by far the most wrongly executed. Dean knows what he’s doing but he also did not execute the entire technique. The actual technique requires the attacker has his hooks in to be most effective: The lack of blood supply and the tension on the spinal chord combined is the fastest way to acheive submission.

  9. drinklime says:

    i do this to my friends on sleepovers

  10. zker666 says:

    that’s reassuring

  11. ChrisTripp says:


  12. sherbear2345 says:

    i don’t even think of doing this to children!

  13. RZRpig says:

    if you let go quick enough, as soon as the person goes limp, a lot of times they won’t actually black out. they just won’t be able to move for a few seconds

  14. Myrkman says:

    trachea, its the windpipe

  15. halomademepoor says:


  16. tomb700 says:

    what is the throat called *trakter ????

  17. mudassirul says:


  18. BryanV4 says:

    Damn I have to see the whole ep. Ive seen the normal Fight science like 5 times.

  19. cjs33139 says:

    @JediMindTricks183 I’m the faggot? Anyone who uses “retard” these days IS a retard. Second, anyone who uses “faggot” on a forum such as this one is a coward. Say it to my face and i will knock your teeth out! This faggot isn’t afraid to fight, closet case homo! Now who’s the faggot now? Any “straight” guy that enjoys wrestling has closeted homosexual tendencies or fantasies. Deny it all you want, dumbass!

  20. JediMindTricks183 says:

    @cjs33139 your a fucking retard u faggot

  21. cjs33139 says:

    oh damn…. i got all excited for nothing. i saw the title “rear naked” and thought that meant one of them was going to pull down the trousers of the other. LOL who comes up with these names?

  22. mattemus7 says:

    True but, if you have an unknown heart problem your heart may stop to beat… And that would be a bad thing.. As you say, you really need to be carefull and don’t “smosh” his/her trachea.

  23. oatmeal11000 says:

    True, but it takes 30 seconds to do even permanent damage, and death would occur sometime after that; but you really have to be wanting to kill the person to hold on it for that long.
    The main thing you have to watch out with this choke is to make sure your arm goes all the way around your opponents neck, making sure your trachea is in the gap between your forearm and bicep
    People have been injured and even killed because they placed the forearm over the trachea, jerked backward and collapsed it

  24. mattemus7 says:

    It is deadly if you hold it too long…

  25. jhrockgod says:

    My fantasy is to die by a sleeper hold.