Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Moves : Arm Triangle Jiu Jitsu Technique

| April 18, 2010

Learn the arm triangle Brazilian jiu-jitsu technique in this free martial arts video. Expert: Marc Zee Contact: Bio: Marc Zee is the head trainer at Arizona Center of Mixed Martial Arts. He has been involved in MMA since 1993 and holds two black belts: one in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and one in Judo. Filmmaker: Terry Larson

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  1. SroLegionVideos says:

    @tjfaq Um..maybe it was something that gracie used and taught? The way they use it in the title was it was from the style of gracie.

  2. tjfaq says:

    Don’t put Gracie jui jitsu because true Gracie jui jitsu comes from the heart and not from a video. It’s what’s inside u. And these guys are no Royce gracie. He would demolish them all

  3. thetigertony says:


  4. DianaLuceronight says:

    Gracias!!! Os!!

  5. moraisvendeta says:

    @Mr1badass1…i feel sorry for you not even gonna bother with you anymore little punk

  6. Mr1badass1 says:

    your moms ass is gonna be sad when i do rip that hole apart

  7. moraisvendeta says:

    damm you must be a sad person for wanting to prick a 50 yrl old woman’s ass

  8. Mr1badass1 says:

    @moraisvendeta ill prick your mom in the ass

  9. mapache11 says:

    well you’d better write him a comment because the poor newbie is still under the impression that this is NOT a good choke, and that you were agreeing with him when he said as much.

  10. 44rumblefish says:

    No, I do agree that this is a very good choke. A lot of people leave themselves open to it, so I use it any chance I get. When I told him not to listen to you was when you got “really” nasty with him. I didn’t want him to get discouraged, being new the art; sometimes it gets a little too heated here. That’s all.

  11. mapache11 says:

    your comment was ambiguous. You said “don’t listen to that clown mapache11”. Were you telling him not to listen to me?? Or me not to listen to him?

  12. mapache11 says:

    @rumble..were you agreeing with me at the other video for this choke?? Some dumbass with no experience said that his instructors told him it was crap. I said he and his instructors must be crap. (or words to that effect)

  13. moraisvendeta says:

    lol yeah tell me about it…i hope they do figure out a way it was just a simple question

  14. 44rumblefish says:

    Great choke. Thanks for the post, Mark

  15. 44rumblefish says:

    @moraisvendeta ,
    Well look at what the clown calls himself: “Mr1badass1.” Give me a break! lol! I really wish YouTube could figure out a way banning these insecure morons so the men (and woman) could communicate like adults and perhaps learn from one another… Mr1badass1… That’s a good one! I’m sure!

  16. moraisvendeta says:

    boy you must have nothing to do in your life …your comment dosnt make any sense geez!! nowadays ppl cat just make a question without getting attacked by losers like you prick

  17. Mr1badass1 says:

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  18. moraisvendeta says:

    who are you reffering to lol?

  19. mebitchez09 says:

    his belt is tied wrong

  20. bruwpa says:

    tem q ser muito troxa pra cair nesse golpe ! ¬¬

  21. graciegrito82 says:

    this is not Gracie BJJ

  22. SotujXoporet says:

    check these bitches out tiny[dot]cc/freesex535

  23. xxkiraly96xx says:

    wow you’re pretty dumb
    saying that it is a UFC fight is just WRONG here
    then you could say it is a Strikeforce fight

  24. Mr1badass1 says:

    you, my friend, are a complete imbecil and has probly never fought in your life.. why i oughta go over there and rip your ear off

  25. DiveHiryu says:

    Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ll use Chuck Liddel as an example, he’s often credited for being one of the most influential in the UFC, he learned striking since he was young but then started wrestling too in school and now he uses his wrestling mostly as a defense so he can strike as much as he pleases. = ). It’s good to be well-rounded or even be a master in addition to the others.