Gracie Brazilian Jujitsu Moves : Arm Bar Jujitsu Technique

| May 21, 2010

Learn the arm bar Brazilian jujitsu technique in this free martial arts video. Expert: Marc Zee Contact: Bio: Marc Zee is the head trainer at Arizona Center of Mixed Martial Arts. Marc has been involved in MMA since 1993. Filmmaker: Terry Larson

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  1. wtwtwtwtwf says:

    webby – try to ko someone who is always behind you or sitting ast you … and he also can punch as good as he grabs 🙂

  2. diablo19876 says:

    i beg to differ. Seeing a bjj match can be just as exciting, with all the cool submissions and stuff.

  3. nongilong69 says:

    hey bro im just starting out mma, im a boxer aswell , havnet started to train but i think i chould go allright, have a jude background, are you in australia??

  4. webby10jr says:

    bjj is so complicated , started doing mma cant get the hang of ground fighting, im a boxer never done any thing like this, kos so much more exciting to watch

  5. tupark82 says:

    machida is also a bjj practitioner so mentioning him defeats ur argument’s purpose here

  6. amasainc says:

    Good technique. It can be executed with less movement.

  7. MrRoofusPadumelon says:

    shut bitch ill jeeewjitsueeeeeeeu

  8. jacknewcomb says:

    your a douche bag seriously

  9. MrRoofusPadumelon says:

    haaaa niice

  10. MrRoofusPadumelon says:

    no hes not god damn if you gonna take bjj do your research just becuase he pretty much invented brazilain jiu jitsu and took to a whole new level doesnt mean he is the best he just has secret moves that nobody knows about

  11. byobilly1 says:

    to see if he could get him in the arm bar

  12. jacknewcomb says:

    Helio Gracie, is the best one

  13. mauilocalfilboy says:

    mostly true but there are some people who can win standing up like chuck liddel who has a good defense for take downs and machida who is hard to hit.

  14. robertirez says:

    man thats cool i train bjj also im sure they wont bite me i just think about it that they could

  15. RobbieH02879 says:

    A pure striker with no solid Jiu Jitsu training will lose almost every fight…

    I started in Hapkido 17 years ago and competed in High level Kickboxing, I also trained BJJ..and I can tell you as a good striker and Grappler that Jiu Jitsu is the best and most efficient art for one on one fighting…it’s been proven over and over and you would be depriving yourself by not learning and training BJJ..

    This is coming from someone who is a good striker and have bounced in bars for years!

  16. RobbieH02879 says:

    I’ve trained in BJJ and other martial arts(Hapkido, Kickboxing, wrestling) for right at 17 years..I’ve also Bounced in bars for years..many guys try to bite to get out of submissions..but it never just makes the jiu jitsu guy mad and wanna hurt the guy even more!

    In a real fight I have NEVER had a problem subduing people using basic jiu jitsu in REAL aggressive situations…

    Biting and eye gouging are Spaz $hit that Kung fu guys tell themselves work to sleep better at

  17. TheSentientOne says:

    why did they free roll in the beginning of the video?

    thats just silly.

  18. boeckelberger says:

    lol what does he say in the beginning

  19. postitnotesareawsome says:

    i think in one of their other videoa it said that they are in arizona

  20. robertirez says:

    i dont wanna get bit

  21. SenseiSean says:

    Notice how a gi looks VERY similar to a shirt? You can grab any shirt the way the guy grabbed the gi.

  22. WWII says:

    where are you? in the US and what city

  23. matt280791 says:

    The only thing wrong with these videos is that they include the gui’s into the moves. they should mention how to do it WITHOUT the gui. still good though

  24. forgottenrebel88 says:

    thanks for the video.

  25. beehf78 says:

    this is stupid