Gracie Brazilian Jujitsu Moves : Guard Pass to Knee Bar Jujitsu Technique

| May 15, 2010

Learn the guard pass to knee bar Brazilian jujitsu technique in this free martial arts video. Expert: Marc Zee Contact: Bio: Marc Zee is the head trainer at Arizona Center of Mixed Martial Arts. Marc has been involved in MMA since 1993. Filmmaker: Terry Larson

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  1. samluke8121 says:

    @mmarantha Well realistically you are not going to train in BJJ fro self defense because you’re not going to flop on you’re back and go for a gogoplata.

  2. mmarantha says:

    @samluke8121 thats not true, theres hardly any aikido at all, alot of what they practice is grappling knife defense ( which is mainly krav maga ) and striking not alot of clinch/standup submissions at all.

  3. samluke8121 says:

    @hazard2000 The US army trains in more Judo and Akido

  4. kredit787 says:

    definitely nothing is easy, examples don’t show resistance

  5. lovemym16 says:

    Its Marine Corps. And yes we do use the kneebar, my fav submission.

  6. WuzuporiNebupeq says:

    great body , I usually watch webcams at tiny[.]cc/whores607

  7. DiveHiryu says:

    I agree that it can be hard but there are so many different things to do. It just depends on the one executing the move to be able to see it and act on it. It’s all on them. Of course, there’s no guarantee that these guys won’t get knocked out before they can pull off something. That’s why I prefer MMA’s various styles that they learn. I wish I could train with the military without having to be in the military though. = /

  8. DiveHiryu says:

    It depends on more than just the style. Check the effectiveness of the style, the gym where your thinking of learning, how you feel about the environment, etc. I personally train in Tae Kwon Do as a secondary style but if I could pick one of those three I would pick Tae Kwon Do last.

  9. hazard2000 says:

    the US army trains gracie jiu-jitsu look up there hand to hand combat system if you dont believe me

  10. stuckie401 says:

    All US Military train in some sort of hand-to-hand combat. Not just the marines.

  11. krausthebeast says:

    i actually do i take a twice a month. if you knew anything about being in a fight you would know what im talking about. without alot of practive and training it is hard to get someone in somehting like this

  12. krausthebeast says:

    you obviously havent been in a fight.
    and i actually take mma classes twice a month it is pretty hard to catch people in some of these moves without alot of training

  13. vcj13 says:

    btw the american morine core trains kneebars ….

  14. vcj13 says:

    krausthebeast is not that wrong it takes a shit load of training befor you can apply technics good most black belts i talked to are saying that they had to train 20 years before they got were they are now…

  15. hardcoregek says:

    so what i dont do it because i want to win in a streetfight (if i want that i will buy a gun) its a beautifull sport

  16. R0BMAN93 says:


  17. nickfortin20 says:

    if you knew anything about MMA you would know that Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is a self defense style, these moves are actually designed to beable to be pulled off in reality, no matter the size or weight of the opponent. In a real fight no one expects to be put into a submission.. that makes it very effective.

  18. ricomonte says:

    krausthebeast You are so stupid

  19. dksisdaman says:

    or if the other guys is a bottom player…theres about 30 or 35 different submissions from guard

  20. zemnoz says:

    that’s why there are a lot of different techniques, as soon as you spot a mistake from your opponent you do the move.
    In Bjj as long as you got the other guy on the ground you win(unless you’re very new to jiujitsu.

  21. krausthebeast says:

    this is all kinda pointless. when two ppl are struggling around on the ground full speed plus throwing back and forth your not gonna be able to do half this stuff.

  22. hardcastleian says:

    I white belt learning knee bars? wtf

  23. StraightUppJeff says:

    muay thai*

  24. thesho231 says:

    Go take a BJJ class and then come back and we’ll see what you got to say buddy!

  25. kempobrad says:

    not to mention alot of the new advances in bjj actually came directly from wrestling and sambo. don’t get me wrong, i think the bjj guys are wise to seek out other ways of doing things.