Gracie Insider – How to Mount at the Gracie Academy in Miami

| September 15, 2010 In this month’s video Rener teaches a very reliable transition from the side mount to the full mount and he introduces you to the Valente Brothers who operate the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Miami, Florida.

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  1. laser1ish says:


  2. BrazilianJJKid says:

    @TriangleJiuJitsu Yeahh

  3. diesel828 says:

    Very clear and full of detail. Getting the basics and fundamentals down perfectly is the key to great jiu-jitsu. When i first started in 2001, I whined to my instructor (Caique, formerly at the Gracie Academy) that we kept doing the same stuff every week. Mount escapes, side mount escape, guard escape, defense, basic offense… I complained for months until I competed. I was amazed how strong I in technique compared to other students. Basics and a good foundation are everything.

  4. grsurflove says:

    Incredible instructor, with a ton of knowledge and enthusiasm…Rener truly brings honor to his family

  5. gjj8 says:

    great tip rener thank a lot man!! your the best

  6. rrsd69 says:

    hey man!!! you always explain complicated things so very simple that even the complex becomes very easy to learn. you guys are simply the best.

  7. JBOND168 says:

    The Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy

  8. TerribleOne718 says:

    @yeee941 why wait join now, ur at a perfect age, i wish i would have joined an academy when i was ur age. id be a black belt by now.

  9. ktokash1 says:

    Excellent detail added to my game, thanks a lot.

  10. waldomarek says:

    @TriangleJiuJitsu agreed, same goes with any martial arts… the better you get in any MA, hopefully your “MA spirit” will get better as well, as in, you know you can hurt people with your learnt skills, but is violent always necessary to ‘solve’ things? nope.

  11. buckckck says:

    so effectiflyxD

  12. luizinho81 says:

    gracie jiu jitsu sucks!!!!!!!!!!!its unrealistic not effective against more than one or even in a real street fight mma is the way all gracies have gotten beat by true mma rener would get his assed kicked in a real fight matt hughes rules!!!!!!

  13. Pallhh says:

    nice instruction

  14. aoaapocalpse says:

    pushing your knee back will get his leg out of the way, it doesnt really matter where his leg is, but having your knee close to his knee makes it easier to do the knee elbow escape

  15. cmzuppe says:

    umm what happens if he doesn’t flatten his knee out like you instructed him to

  16. 1lostinspace says:

    I love the Gracie History and I also met their grandfather lol he was showing us a guard pass and I did not get it so he slapped me in the back of the head lol.

  17. Scottjuliemm says:

    Great video… love the way you teach! 5 starts!!! Thank you

  18. chavamma says:

    I totally agree with you, great concept there! He’s always saying Keep It Real, As a Judoka I keep my slef-defense real 100% all the time, I practice BJJ though I dont like the concept of starting on the floor in a real fight like you said you won’t be on the floor you hit em hard, effectively & get out. MMA is just exchanging technique with your opponent so basiclly he’ll always come back 2 beat you and vise versa. Nice statement there! Keep’n It Real! -Kind Regards- ChavaMMA

  19. Donpaeng says:


    lol. he should have removed that from the script. he knows there’s always a counter to a counter. but he usually is a little hyper than usual. seems like he was on meds. haha

  20. luvit579 says:

    awesome video, i’ll try it tomorrow.

  21. primate4 says:

    Renner, Ryron, the Valente brothers are awesome. I would love to train with them someday.

  22. sanucesMMA says:

    I would really like to thank the Gracies for sharing with the rest of the world unlike classical martial arts that are very secretive with their techniques.
    They could have kept it for themselves and kept winning all the time.
    Knowing BJJ doesn’t guarantee winning, BUT not knowing BJJ very much guarantees losing.

  23. ciceropcs says:

    its a totaly diferent animal whenever ya try to compare mma…….jiu jitsu…..etc with the streets……. theres nothing that you can compare what goes in the with the streets……….

  24. flameicedragon says:

    i really wanna go check this academy out in Miami
    i live in wpb so its not that far =)

  25. CUNDUNDO says:

    this instructor is very good he puts energy
    into his words and really shows commitment to jiu jitsu,I have been training jiu jitsu for several years and I must say I did not know this trick of mounting great job keep up the same good work !