greatest submissions in mixed martial arts history – volume one

| June 20, 2010

greatest submissions in mixed martial arts history – volume one. view my other highlights at or

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  1. ix3623 says:


    yes…and it’s cb dollaway vs jesse taylor

  2. guillaume12345678 says:

    @ix3623 is it a peruvian necktie at 0:57 ? and who are the fighters

  3. ix3623 says:


    thanks, if there’s a sub of a fight in my videos that you want to know of concerning who are the fighters ..just posting the time it occurs. i’ll be happy to tell you.

  4. kpdeeeee says:

    Nice video. Added to favourites. It would be nice if you could add a list of all the submissions in order in your video description 😮

  5. ix3623 says:


    Seth Dikun vs Rolando Perez

  6. eljiah says:

    whos fighting in 2:40 ?

  7. veriklyte says:

    @rudenoodle 6:10 was aoki breaking hiroto’s arm.

  8. ix3623 says:


    than you. and was the fight between kazushi sakaraba and renzo gracie

  9. rudenoodle says:

    Great Comp, did the last sub break arm?

  10. WhtMike2006 says:

    His neck didn’t break. He’s fine.

  11. tmc359 says:

    Aoiki (Mr Colorful Pants) is like a gumby, he’s so flexible

  12. tmc359 says:

    lol, the only way to beat Silva is to pull a one in a million flying scissors heel hook…

  13. carlos0259774 says:

    Is it just me or that guy’s neck is broken like a twig at exactly 5;10 THAT’S DISGUSTING !!!

  14. ix3623 says:

    ryo chonan subbing anderson silva

  15. bagelgod says:

    Who was that at 5:49?

  16. ix3623 says:

    thanks for the comment

  17. NewSchoolAsher says:

    this song is fuckin epic. This highlight is amazing.

  18. T0MTee says:

    Oh yeah it is, i thought the reverse armbar was a different one

  19. ix3623 says:

    it’s “omega suite part 2” by maroon. and thanks

  20. ix3623 says:

    the one after hazelett/mccrory is pete williams getting subbed by frank mir

  21. ix3623 says:

    jc is right about the second fight clip..if you mean second clip including the title,’s bourke getting subbed by otsuka with a double armbar

  22. arrow921 says:

    some excellent submission skills for sure! i just want to know what that epic metal masterpiece of a song is haha

  23. T0MTee says:

    Second clip, thats not the reverse armbar

  24. jcmkl says:

    Do you mean the one at 0:17? That’s Hazelett on McCrory with a reverse armbar at UFC 91 I think. It was definitely a creative one.

  25. T0MTee says:

    Its one of the shamrocks i think haha