greatest submissions in mixed martial arts history – volume two

| January 28, 2010

greatest submissions in mixed martial arts history – volume two. view my other highlights at or visit my webpage at

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  1. ix3623 says:

    it starts with adagio for strings by armin van buren and then it changes to omega suite pt 2 by maroon

  2. linards44 says:

    What’s the soundtrack???

  3. ix3623 says:

    thanks…it wasn’t exactly properly done, but he was trying to have air circlate in his body again by slapping his was a bad version of cpr. it looked like he was trying to wake him up by slapping him to see how bad he was. normally he’s supposed to be on his back, they remove the mouthpiece and tilt his neck forward. he should wake up…unless he was choked out for a period of time..otherwise cpr would have to have been done..i could be wrong

  4. kbjunior1 says:

    amazing video dude, kudos for part one too. After the last submission of the video when that guy passed out from the rear naked choke how come that guy was slapping his chest so hard?

  5. ix3623 says:


  6. ix3623 says:

    renato babalu sobral subbing david heath

  7. Tottih84 says:


  8. T0MTee says:

    I meant 5:50 btw and also you should have put Terry Etims d’arce choke in

  9. jcmkl says:

    The GOAT Fedor Emelianenko on Mark “the hammer” Coleman in the first round of Pride HW Grand Prix in 2004. That’s one of the fastest armbars from the back ever. He would do the same to Coleman again in 2007, but less smooth than this.

  10. T0MTee says:

    Who was that at 5:40