GSP’s first mma fight

| July 2, 2010

GSP vs Ivan Menjivar UCC 7 Bad Boyz January 25, 2002 (Montreal, Quebec)

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  1. acdcthebomb says:

    MMA sucks
    WWE will kick MMAs ass

  2. BrendanKimchi says:

    I haven’t seen georges taken down this much in a fight before. At some points he was actually being dominated.

  3. wuddupcuzz says:

    the guy streched for like an hour

  4. BDRioga says:

    That midget was pretty strong: I wonder where he is now.

  5. StealthKilla5 says:

    the winner su … by tapout lol

  6. inuysha360 says:

    lol gsp’s pecks are abnormally small here

  7. schapadap says:

    lol the song hes coming out to is Da Rockwilder by Method man, good choice GSP

  8. TheMurdamat716 says:

    check out murdamat…dope mc..for reaalzzz

  9. MrBoobiTV says:

    my name george st pierre sounds chinese when hes saying it

  10. BeyondThisPointx says:

    @boonie1994 i do too unless it’s just ground and pound

  11. crits123 says:

    oui GEORGE!

  12. assasincop says:


    no lol matt is thinner

  13. assasincop says:


    no lol matt is thinner

  14. ProjectOps209 says:

    BOMBS! SOME BOMBS!!! lmao

  15. abcdrgf says:

    GSP is a mma god along with chuck lidell, forrest griffin, and mirko cro cop

  16. boonie1994 says:

    am I the only one who finds ground fighting incredibly boring?

  17. CWAthlete says:

    if gsp and fedor weighed the same gsp would shit in his mouth

  18. purplemonkeyelephant says:


  19. TheUltimategamer360 says:

    that was a great fight except foe the FALSE tap.

  20. catsnipes says:

    Oh, sorry, I thought this was a different comment on a different GSP video.
    That’s why I deleted lol.

  21. catsnipes says:

    I’m implying he’s a cheater…DUH?!

  22. BuzanTheFear1ess says:

    @catsnipes Are you implying that GSP is Werdum?

  23. BlackoutBurch says:

    Checkout my fights on my page 😀

  24. catsnipes says:

    That’s why Fedor tapped out lol.

  25. bravametal says:

    6:04 : is that matt serra?