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| November 30, 2010

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I never watched a UFC match simply because to me it looks unrealistic cuz in “real life” things would go down way differently, there amy not be clinches or ground fighting… sometimes one solid punch in the right pressure point is just all one needs. I don’t know… Just a thought.
ave you ever been in a fight in your life? What do you mean that the UFC looks unrelistic? yes, you’re right, sometimes all you need is one punch or the right pressure point, but that’s usually some one that knows what they’re doing against someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. in the UFC, you have 2 skilled fighters going at it. that’s why you see clinches and ground fighting, but you also see “one hit wonders” once in a while, too. The reason why it’s so popular is because it pits 2 guys that know what they’re doing together. It makes it more of a sport, rather than seeing some big brut stomp down on some little skinny guy that can’t defend himself. as for some one like Let Li or an old master, Li is an actor and does a different form of martial arts. his stuff is coreographed. i’m not saying that he couldn’t carry his own weight in a fight or a tournament, but there are just different aspects in how these men practice martial arts. and the old masters, like in feudal japan, korea, or china, that was for “real” fighting and would not have looked as pretty as the coreographed stuff that Let Li does. there’s more of a chance that it would look like what the UFC does.

There are many different forms of martial arts, and many different tastes out there. i would suggest that you watch a few UFC/MMA events. I also would suggest you watch them with some one that’s a fan of it as well and that could explain to you what’s going on. There’s a lot going on with the UFC this month and the begining of next month. check out http://www.ufc.com. trust me, the UFC does put out real fights, just with guys that know how to fight.

I understand what you’re saying about the “old” masters would rather go the way of peace than fight. That’s something i really like about the UFC. The majority of the fighters are really nice guys that are easy going and only fight in the octagon. these men use there skills to compete in the right place instead of in the street, bars, etc. Most of the fighters have college degrees in various different fields. If you ever get a chance to see Randy Couture, Rich Franklin, Georges St. Pierre to name a few, these guys are 1st class gentlmen who do nothing but show respect for others. So i know what you mean about men that would rather not fight, but choose peace. i don’t want that to sound contradictory, but these guys love to use their skills to compete. I do martial arts and i love to spar and to use the skills i’ve developed. the UFC is a competition to put those skills these men have developed to use in a sport that has rules. That’s just one more thing that really does make the UFC so popular. Give it a chance to grow on you and you might become a fan.

ufc was originally just fighting .. like street fights but now its mainly Brazilian jujitsu.
You think it’s fake?!?Let me tell you something.UFC means Ultimate Fighting Championship.Its real.That fake WWE Crap is fake,but not UFC

Anyway,Its so popular because it’s the best.Nothin beats a good UFC Match.Don’t get me wrong.Some matches are kinda boring.But some matches are the best.All punches,kicks,knee to the head etc.

And,yes maybe Jet Li and masters from Japan could easily defeat them,but who can really beat Jet Li?I think I know a few UFC Fighters who could beat him though

Watch a UFC Fight oneday.It may be good.And you may like it.Or watch Boxing or MMA.Personally,Im a fan of all 3.

Hoped I help
You’ve never been on a street fight, have you?

in “real life” untrained people just swing their arms for about 1 minute, until either one gets a lucky punch, or they gas out.

Jet Li is an actor, and has never fought, he has won numerous weapon forms tournaments, but again, no fighting, his fighting skills are limited to movies.

The old masters from Japan are….. old, and cannot compete with the new breed of fighters, they simply share their vast knowledge to the new generation.

Pressure points are useless against resisting opponents, and in MMA (like UFC), pressure points and small joint manipulation is not allowed.

I agree that one solid punch (or kick) is all it needs, in places such as the jaw (guaranteed to hurt, almost always dropping your opponent)7 years martial arts ;)UFC is composed of world class fighters. just like pride FC. it goes down much like a street fight with a few rules thrown in. and yes grappling and things like that most definetly occur in streetfight. in fact 90% of all fights end up on the ground.Alot of the techniques taught in traditional Dojos only work when someone is playing by the same rules, but in a street fight, theres no code of chivalry. UFC is losing its realism too. would you take someone to the ground if they had a knife and you were fighting on gravel? probably not.
granted, both martial arts master and UFC fighters know their stuff and could kick any random thugs @$ $ but they have had years. sometimes decades of intense training.fighting has evolved over time and still is. UFC is the newest evolution and its more intense-looking than WWE or even a Martial Arts tournament. to answer your question, its just more fun to watch to most people.

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