Heavy Bag Training: Boxing – Mixed Martial Arts – Self Defense

| October 3, 2014

Heavy Bag Training: Boxing – Mixed Martial Arts – Self Defense

Heavy Bag Training: Boxing - Mixed Martial Arts - Self Defense

The heavy bag is one of the oldest and most recognizable pieces of training equipment. It is regularly used by boxers, mixed martial artists, self defense practitioners and fitness enthusiasts. Unfortunately, however, most people don’t know how to correctly use the heavy bag. Impatiently, they rush out to their local sporting goods store, buy a bag and begin wailing on it without a care in the world. In most cases, they are hitting the bag incorrectly, developing dangerous habits and possibly injuring their body. The fact of the matter is, everyone should learn how to use a heavy bag correctly! Heavy Bag Training is a unique book that teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about working out on a punching bag. In this one-of-a-kind book, world-renowned self defense expert Sammy Franco provides the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize the training benefits of the heavy bag. Topics covered in this book include: How to select a good heavy bag Benefits of heavy bag workou

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