horrible rendition of the national anthem during a mixed martial arts ( mma ) main event

| September 30, 2010

horrible rendition of the national anthem by Polish soul-singer Mateusz Krauwurst prior to the main event fight between Eric “Butterbean” Esch and Mariusz Pudzianowski

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  1. VenousTadpole says:

    fat tits

  2. ltj6355 says:

    @darthfoti I agree with u 100%, could’nt have been said any better,

  3. Kaioh85 says:

    Ladies and gentlemen! Enrico Palazzo!

  4. darthfoti says:

    @miaalessandra Do you have any idea how many Men and women have died fighting and Protecting the meaning of that song? Yet this fucking toolbag couldnt even study the lyrics for one day prior to singing it on National Television? Anyone with that much ignorance is a fucking retarded Faggot. End of discussion.

  5. darthfoti says:

    @miaalessandra do you know what the word Nigger even means? Look it up… you and your retard friend c4spinn are the ignorant ones. Just because a bunch of Hillbilly slave owners decided to call their “black” slaves the word, doesnt mean it has ANYTHING to do with them. Try reading a fucking book, or using a dictionary before you start throwing the ignorant and racism cards at me. As far as faggot goes, he is a fucking faggot for screwing up his own countries National Anthem.

  6. darthfoti says:

    @EsentrikEntity My fail? how did I fail in anyway? Your a fucking retard.. I bet your canadian.

  7. MrMacandCheese21 says:

    i lold.

  8. SiMpLyReDiCuLoUs says:

    crap anthem anyway

  9. tigermack says:


  10. junkfoodjunkie1 says:

    F’n hilarious

  11. hyperman1992 says:

    isn’t that right?

  12. jamminmusicman says:

    THIS IS CLASSIC 5 ***** ! AOTS #1 !

  13. MewLillyPad says:

    Dude, he messed that up so bad I just forgot the lyrics myself. D:

  14. EsentrikEntity says:

    @darthfoti Lol, your fail was bigger than his. XD

  15. c4spinn says:

    @darthfoti Boo! at ur racial ignorance

  16. RichardArendsen says:

    Whahaha what a douchebag

  17. miaalessandra says:

    @darthfoti Wow, nigger AND faggot in the same paragraph… classy! And btw he’s not even black.

  18. darthfoti says:

    Wow… way to go nigger. Your a fucking faggot, Please go put the microphone in your back pocket and hang yourself. Dont show your face in america again.

  19. jubjub449 says:

    Böomf aots

  20. Tyehao says:

    The first 21 seconds have the best triple rack I’ve ever seen

  21. loriparker666 says:

    hahaha another fail for america x]

  22. Looseminded says:

    If he’s going to sing our National Anthem, he better get the goddamn words right.

    AOTS <3

  23. c4spinn says:

    @jpatton1989 Bravo…I Agree, altho he does sing well.

  24. c4spinn says:

    @dgwillia LMABO…OMG so funny (the vid and ur comment.)

  25. molotov2k says:

    Alright alright I get it, The rockets were glare. AOTS