How to get the best mixed martial arts enquipment for beginners

| December 14, 2010

When selecting mma equipment it is always recommended to research the brands that are available for that MMA equipment before you buy. This is true whether the MMA equipment you are buying is boxing gloves, MMA sparring gloves, MMA boardshorts, kick shields, rash guards and so on. The fightwear brands you may be most familiar with from other sports – and this is especially true if you are new to the sport – may not offer the best MMA equipment for you to buy.

General sports brands such a Fairtex, Addidas and Twins offer a good range of mixed martial arts equipment and fightwear which is of a high standard and quality. However specialist brands for MMA include Tapout who you may have seen advertised on the UFC. MMA fighters often wear MMA boardshorts and MMA clothing advertising this brand.

Granite and Affliction are also excellent maufacturers of mixed martial arts equipment and fight clothing, if not yet as high profile It should be possible for you to find all the different types of mixed martial arts equipment and fightwear on one website, for example, specialist stores.

If you are just starting out in the sport of mixed martial arts, maybe you got your interest peeked by watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), or have just starting taking lessons and have already decided to start purchasing your mixed martial arts equipment. You have probably decided to start buying your MMA clothing and mixed martial arts equipment with either a pair of boxing gloves or a pair of MMA sparring gloves.

When you start out in a sport like mixed martial arts it is important to purchase a gumguard, although you are probably more interested in buying your MMA sparring gloves or boxing gloves. Once you have bought this you can then examine the many different suppliers of MMA gloves and boxing gloves such as Fairtex, Twins and Granite.

Most good mixed martial arts instructors will have already advised you that the most important article of mixed martial arts equipment is your gumguard. Your boxing gloves, your MMA sparring gloves, your kneepads, your thai pads and your groinguard although useful are nowhere near as important an article of mixed martial arts equipment as this. If your instructor has not advised you of this you may want to consider how safety conscious your club really is.

Granite make good quality MMA gloves so this would be a good range of MMA fightwear for you to consider. These MMA gloves are 4oz as is standard and are made of black leather.
Alternatively, if you fancy buying from a brand featured on the Ultimate Fighting Championship you could try Tapout MMA gloves.

You will often see these on the hands of UFC fighters because they have a sponsorship deal with the UFC. Although this is good marketing and some people prefer to wear endorsed fightwear, these articles of mixed martial arts equipment are of just as good quality when bought from brands such as Granite and Affliction as when bought from the Tapout brand.

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