Human Weapon- Commando Krav Maga

| May 24, 2010

Commando Krav Maga on the History Channel. The show “Human Weapon” explores Krav Maga of the Israeli Commandos. Filmed in the North of Israel the program, following two mixed martial arts practitioners in various reality based systems, will prove excellent exposure for the system.

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  1. anpk667 says:

    give me your shoes punk LOL

  2. mm4junkie says:

    ‘packing heat’ lol
    jason sounds like a bit of a gangsta their lol

  3. kravbob says:

    Avi Nardia is a good martial artist, but he lies as much as his budy Moni (Pino) Aizik. He was never Lochem, as he claims. He was a part time contract instructor at YAMAM but was let go due to complaints. The extent of his “Intel” work was as a volunteer to laminate maps! Avi, you are good, stop lying! Your lies affect Albert Timen and Yoni Cohen too. It makes you all look like fools! Come clean now and perhaps you will get grace – Moni hung on to the lies too long.

  4. Ares293 says:

    I agree with you. I like Jimmy and Doug as characters much more than the other two (I don’t even know their names) The krav maga episode in Fight Quest is great, as you can see. 😉

  5. sigmacombatsystems says:

    I have been for the last 3 months. The only people actively making claims against him are the British advertising council (forget the name) and one israeli Sgt major and the IDF told him not to say anything else on the subject. I’m saying he didn’t make things up just that no proof can be provided one way or another. Neither Aizik or the IDF is releasing his file so no one can prove either. Not arguing in his defense, just that without official documentation its not right to say he’s a fraud.

  6. TheTerrorUforgot says:

    Indeed I like their format better. Human Weapon details the history a little better, but the Fight Quest guys train more and focus on the style and match.
    They have better fighter credentials than a damn football player, too.

  7. Ares293 says:


  8. vaijones2002 says:

    good stuff except the eye contact bullshit

  9. MattyH101 says:

    bill is so useless

  10. Rambo00001 says:

    Absolutely correct. Moni Aizik, though a martial artist, is not teaching “Krav Maga”. He is cashing in on the popularity and is not teaching anything worth while. He actally stated that the term Krav Maga is like saying Kung Fu or Karate, and that there are hundreds of arts that fall into that catagory. He is absolutely incorrect and a fraud.

  11. Rambo00001 says:

    Do you agree that there is a chance for gun to fire on initial deflection? – Sure, depending on where the subject has their finger, depending on if they were already squeezing it, depending on if you
    caused the gun to go off by putting pressure against the trigger finger etc.

    Do you think that any bozo on the street can hold on to the firing gun without getting injured? Actually yeah they can if they have a plan to do so. Actually it doesnt require much to cause the weapon to “Stovepipe”

  12. White92Knight says:

    Man i think Krav Maga is cool!! But i think this guy is teaching the move wrong… I take Krav Maga!@!!

  13. Fo0ji says:

    Before commenting, Look him up on google. The Israelis have released an official statement saying he’s a fake. Just look him up before commenting again.

  14. oknevals says:

    I’m glad that somebody who has a clue replied
    Few questions for you:
    Do you agree that there is a chance for gun to fire on initial deflection?
    Do you think that any bozo on the street can hold on to the firing gun without getting injured? I am not questioning whether this may work but rather how it is being taught. Some “experts” don’t even mention potential hazards. I see a lot of pumped up people in martial arts with no clue about basics.

  15. Rambo00001 says:

    As a true KM Instructor and with 19 years SWAT, 27 years Law Enforcement and a Firearms Instructor, I can say “Yes” I have held a slide. I got a small blood blister because of it. The biggest thing is not letting the slide cycle otherwise you can get cut or burned, but other than that it really is not hard at all.

  16. sigmacombatsystems says:

    But it is verifiable that he was a PT instructor for IDF, trained an Olympic silver medalist, won 7 national titles, and trained Carlos Newton. No proof can be provided that he wasn’t in a Sayaret unit or that he never trained an IDF unit. Ever heard of Sgt Prince Zawallo? Probably not can’t find him on google but he was one of my drill sgts at Ft Benning in 2004. But you’re shocked you can’t find anything on google about an IDF h2h instructor in the 70s.

  17. sigmacombatsystems says:

    I’ve taught this with airsofts, no one has ever been shot out of the hundreds of times I’ve done it and seen it done though there have been a few where a shot was fired on the initial deflection. You definently want to be mindful of your surroundings when doing this IRL or you could put a round into a friend or family member.

  18. Fo0ji says:

    no, george clooney is. 😀

  19. bonbon103 says:

    denis hanover is the best at krav maga

  20. Fo0ji says:

    Moni Aizik isn’t an expert, he’s a jewish scammer. Look his name up on google – And you’ll see the truth. He invented his own style of krav maga called commando krav maga (which is totally fucked up) he mentioned it was taught to the IDF which it isn;t.

  21. Fo0ji says:

    Learn real krav maga from the ikmf not Moni Aizik.

  22. Fo0ji says:

    This is a shitty disarming method. Moni Aizik isn’t a qualified instructor, He’s a jew scammer.

  23. trinitymike says:

    Actually, research has found that many robbers never even cock the the gun, believing that the sight of a weapon is enough to scare victims.

  24. Mrcool90210 says:

    WHATA ….. :=0 COOL!!!

  25. oknevals says:

    My conclusion is following:
    1. Skilled defender may have chance against gunmen who is uncomfortable with the gun and/or not determined to pull the trigger.
    2. Against determined and skilled gunmen, there is a decent chance to deflect first shot (which is inevitable) but after that, it is more matter of luck then skill for a skillfull defender. It is matter of how much injury defender will suffer in slide action and if he will be able to hold on the gun which may be jammed then.