Human Weapon [HQ] – MMA: America’s Extreme Fighting (Mixed Martial Arts) part 1/5

| July 11, 2010

Driven by the phenomenal success of the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) bouts on pay-per-view television, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is now the fastest-growing sport in the United States. As its name suggests, MMA combines techniques of various other fighting systems, including boxing, jujitsu, wrestling, judo, karate, kickboxing, kung fu, and taekwondo. Decades after a Brazilian fighting style known as vale tudo (anything goes) began to spark local and international interest in the late 1920s, MMA burst into full-color in America in 1993, with the formation of the UFC. Financed by the Semaphore Entertainment Group, led by New York music promoter Robert Meyrowitz, UFC bouts began more as violent spectacles than sporting events, with fighters from various disciplines battling it out in the same ring to the delight of bloodthirsty crowds. Rorion Gracie, a Brazilian living in California, organized the first fight and designed the trademark arena, the Octagon. Aside from three simple rules—no biting, eye-gouging, or fish-hooking (placing your finger in an opponents mouth and pulling backwards—the UFC prided itself on no-holds-barred fighting, with little regulation. Even as MMAs popularity grew, politicians condemned the sport, including John McCain, who in 1996 called it human cockfighting. In November 2000, the UFC added weight classes and 28 more rules, outlawing head butts, hair pulling, and groin shots. As of May 2007, 23 states and the District of Columbia sanction

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  1. TopazSkillMauler says:

    Josh is also famous for steroids. Thats how I know him lol

  2. darkmulawin says:

    MMA is from Brazil back when it was called Vale tudo

  3. zzzzzzzzzz098 says:

    @thenewgeneration123 no one said it was… they said mma is AMERICA’s most popular physical contact sport. no one said mma was developed in america. they even said the moves come from all different countries.

  4. moelicious416 says:

    funny josh barnett is a BB in jiu jitsu.

  5. robertinho102 says:

    that guy knows karate and ….amazing

  6. thenewgeneration123 says:

    mma is not from usa, morons

  7. Anders95godofwar says:

    sometimes it looks like they are going to suck cock.

  8. jlingx says:

    as u all know, in real life. one hit on back head cause KO!

  9. livetoendure says:

    yeah he’s dutch…i think Bas is short for Sebastien

  10. deathwatch962 says:

    Lol good to see bass is back . Everyone who hasnt seen his street fighting video should go watch it. its pure gold. DONT FOGET THE BOTTLE OF BEER.

  11. koomran says:

    what season is this? I have the fist season but there was no mma on it.

  12. midamidamala says:

    is that Bas dutch because it’s a dutch name: Bas Rutten

  13. RylycyXohahet says:

    I watch hardcore sex over at tiny[dot]cc/analsex831

  14. ilyass2912 says:

    Forrest owned wanderlei silva mate

  15. ilyass2912 says:

    xKatieNikki07 you are doing great work keep doing it mate !!!!!!!!!

  16. shulom1 says:

    Combat submission wrestling= jeet kune do. Erik paulson is a student of dan inosanto.

  17. ThaiBox2007 says:

    Bas is the man

  18. 1234561234aa says:

    ja, die erklärung ist gut. =)

    und wieso mag dein trainer das nicht so?

    ( ich bin mal auf deine seite gegangen und sah das du offenbar deutsch sprichst 😛 )

    gruß 1234561234aa

  19. spyro120 says:

    usually they overestimate some of the stuff
    but after all this is pretty good explained
    and so im able to involve some of the stuff in my kickbox training even if my trainer doesnt like it 🙂

  20. 1234561234aa says:

    sometimes human weapon talks really shit!
    i never heard that bas did judo lol

    or in other vids they talk really bullshit.

    but i love bas rutten so i watch it xDD

  21. borass69ass says:

    hahahahahaha rico rodrigez is fat and outa shape

  22. JihadAlexander says:

    Where is Wanderlei Silva?
    He isTHE BEST!

  23. terminator9990 says:

    By definition, martial arts are not American. Lol

  24. 2007niko2007 says:

    why american extreme fighting, the actual martial arts used in ufc are not american :S mma has nothing to do with america, but i guess ufc does

  25. RoderickBorst says:

    Bas Rutten love the guy, dutch forever