Human Weapon [HQ] – MMA: America’s Extreme Fighting (Mixed Martial Arts) part 3/5

| September 21, 2010

Driven by the phenomenal success of the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) bouts on pay-per-view television, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is now the fastest-growing sport in the United States. As its name suggests, MMA combines techniques of various other fighting systems, including boxing, jujitsu, wrestling, judo, karate, kickboxing, kung fu, and taekwondo. Decades after a Brazilian fighting style known as vale tudo (anything goes) began to spark local and international interest in the late 1920s, MMA burst into full-color in America in 1993, with the formation of the UFC. Financed by the Semaphore Entertainment Group, led by New York music promoter Robert Meyrowitz, UFC bouts began more as violent spectacles than sporting events, with fighters from various disciplines battling it out in the same ring to the delight of bloodthirsty crowds. Rorion Gracie, a Brazilian living in California, organized the first fight and designed the trademark arena, the Octagon. Aside from three simple rules—no biting, eye-gouging, or fish-hooking (placing your finger in an opponents mouth and pulling backwards—the UFC prided itself on no-holds-barred fighting, with little regulation. Even as MMAs popularity grew, politicians condemned the sport, including John McCain, who in 1996 called it human cockfighting. In November 2000, the UFC added weight classes and 28 more rules, outlawing head butts, hair pulling, and groin shots. As of May 2007, 23 states and the District of Columbia sanction

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  1. 19thaman79 says:

    It was NOT first shown to Helio.It was first shown to Carlos Gracie, the elder brother of Helio. Helio was sick as a youn kid and wasn’t able participate in the training.

  2. crunkwun says:

    @JKT6 so can a gogoplata hahaha

  3. JKT6 says:

    @zzzzzzzzzz098 and omoplata can be mixed in there somewhere 😛

  4. zzzzzzzzzz098 says:


    if you miss the triangle choke, you can theres always an armbar… and if you miss an armbar, go back to the triangle choke! LOL this guy !!

  5. towerofdubs says:

    why is this echoing

  6. moelicious416 says:

    lol. gracie jiu jitsu = kano jiu jitsu or kodokan judo as it was later known.. nothing new about “gracie” jiu jitsu.

  7. dellbaz says:

    1:14 one glove!!

  8. WiqutujDagogukur says:

    This guy pounded his wifes ass over at tiny[dot]cc/fuckmywife

  9. rubberguardian1 says:

    lol eddie is a monster i luv his rubberguard

  10. unlockthepower says:

    This is awesome

  11. 7DavidKim says:

    Lol, Eddie’s such a pothead.