Human Weapon [HQ] – Sambo: Russia’s Extreme Fighting part 1/5

| April 15, 2010

The Russian martial art of Sambo was developed in the first several decades of the 20th century, in the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution and the fall of the czarist regime. A martial arts training program within the Bolsheviks Red Army produced a new hand-to-hand combat system derived partly from traditional Russian and other native regional wrestling or grappling styles and influenced by various foreign martial arts, notably Judo and Jujitsu, as well as the traditional Olympic sports of boxing and Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling. The new system was dubbed Sambo (sometimes written Sombo or SAMBO), which is an acronym of the Russian words Samozaschita Bez Orujiya, or self-defense without weapon. From the beginning, Sambo has been a constantly changing system, adapting itself to fit the needs of its fighters, from soldiers on the battlefields of World War II to crime fighters on the streets of Moscow. Today, Sambo is practiced in three distinct ways: as a competitive sport, as a self-defense method and as a lethal combat system employed by police and military forces. Sometimes incorrectly referred to as Russian Judo, Sambo was recognized as an official sport in 1938. It was included in the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980 as a demonstration sport, though it failed to gain the popularity necessary to become a competitive event. As a self-defense method, Sambo is based on body movements and joint locks, combined with punches and kicks, all aimed at defending ones self

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  1. juliustetevano says:

    xKatieNikki07 You are the ish for posting these videos. Chur Maori!

  2. snowconeluver25 says:

    @bulabulabula33 he’s not bad its just Fedor is better 🙂

  3. Fluffydragoncat says:

    @TheLASTWARLORD There’s a martial arts that uses pressure points?

  4. TheLASTWARLORD says:

    meh i could beat fedor, pressure point fighting ftw

  5. sumoshinobi says:

    @bulabulabula33 yeah but did you know that korean dude sucks as a mixed martial artist and it was only his second fight

  6. Bunnnnyvamp says:

    holy crap i want a russian bodygaurd

  7. ferahh987 says:

    The first Video i saw who says the true about Russia

  8. TheDiamond123123 says:


    the south korean “dude’s” name is hong man choi, learn the names you fucking TURD! And the fighter is a fucking joke, just a big block of size… I would have been depressed that a retard giant would pull anything on fedor fedor is way too good for the likes of choi.

  9. DendA1911 says:

    this one looks very effective

  10. madax132 says:

    I was talking about Brazilian jiu jitsu and JJJ dumb shit.Modern jiu jitsu in American has many moves that are from sambo. BJJ became popular in other countries ling after sambo was an official sport in Russia. If your going to be a dick head at least have your facts straight.

  11. x5NYx says:

    @madax132 Get off your lazy ass and go do some research little boy and learn some facts before you try to look like you know what your taking about! Jujitsu began Before Christ! It was introduced to the Gracie family back in 1915, which later evolved to become known as Brazilian Jujitsu! Sambo was originated from Aikido in the late 19th century and was taught to the Red Army in the early 20th century! Combat Sambo is currently adopted by the Russian elite special forces Spetsnaz since that time!

  12. madax132 says:

    Actually BJJ took from sambo not the other way around.

  13. x5NYx says:

    Sambo consists of a number of martial art styles linked together; almost like a chain reaction! It includes a high percentage of extreme Judo, Aikijujutsu, BJJ, Wrestling and a modified style of KickBoxing – such as short straight punches as well as wide overhand looping punches! The reason for this unorthodox style of Boxing is so that when you strike at your opponent but happen to miss the target, you’re still in perfect range and position to grab your enemy from whichever available body part!

  14. 10chankc2 says:

    y did they hav to do a sambo, pankration and mma episode their so similar

  15. dude157 says:

    Could have Fedor Vs both of them lol.

    Id still put my money on Emelianenko. Even if you gave bill a can of pepper spray.

    Fedor Emelianenko isnt just the greatest fighter in the world today, But probably the greatest that ever lived

  16. JKT6 says:

    but jiujitsu and judo differ quite a bit

  17. cypress8blade says:

    Thanks so much for putting this up. I’m working on a comic book with a character trained in Russian martial arts. I’ve been looking for this episode for ages! I like the move break down sections. So helpful for drawing.

  18. mananirvana says:

    lol they should have set them up with Fedor! That would have been pretty funny.

  19. GrandMasterScotty says:

    Awesome!! I didn’t know Fedor was on an episode of this show!

  20. imtehshit says:

    Glad they got Fedor for the show.

  21. mustti1000 says:

    Actually jujitsu Is the Base because Judo comes from jujitsu

  22. BarFAN21 says:

    cuz you touch yourself at night

  23. uberbigbread says:

    why are there subtitles for the leader of the bodyguards? he speaks english fluently

  24. megadeath45 says:

    Dragunov uses this style in Tekken so I know it’s brutal!

  25. lordvivec87 says:

    Fedor made a tour in our wrestling house, that was fucking awesome. I managed to take him down just to realize that he wanted me to take him down so he could armbar me.