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| April 12, 2010 Human Weapon – TV series Hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff set off around the globe in search of the birthplaces of different forms of martial arts and combat styles. Chambers is a mixed-martial artist and professional fighter, while Duff is a former professional football player and wrestler. The two hosts will go through extreme exercises and challenges in preparation for a battle against a professional fighting master in the arts of Karate, Muay Thai, Judo, Eskrima stick fighting, Americas MMA (mixed-martial arts), and Kung-Fu among others. Jason Chambers A Total Fighting Challenge Welterweight Champion, Jason Chambers record as an MMA fighter is 16 wins and 4 losses. Jason Chambers was born in Chicago on March 23, 1980 and has been training in various martial arts since the age of six. He credits his Uncle Dean Chambers and friend Shawn Terrance for igniting his passion for the martial arts. Jason has fought in Deep in Japan and Rento Maximo in Mexico and all over the USA. Jason has trained under Renzo Gracie and currently under Eddie Bravo in Jiu-Jitsu. In addition Jason also holds the rank of Phase 1 Instructor in Jeet Kune Do under Joe Goytia. Some of Jasons current training partners are Karo Parisayn, Bas Rutten, and Randy Coture at Legends Gym in Hollywood, California. Bill Duff Pro football player, bodyguard, wrestler and stunt double, Bill Duff holds a brown belt in Korean street fighting (Toa So Dou) under Master Davis of the Wa Wrang Studios in

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  1. CarlitoJohnson says:

    @n1a9v4y1 the one be trollin is you man
    look at ur own comments, seriously

  2. n1a9v4y1 says:

    @n1a9v4y1 and try*

  3. n1a9v4y1 says:

    @THEPIELORD42 lol before you comment on me being an “uneducated backwater hick” maybe you should fix a few things such as your punctuation and spelling then come back try once more to be a smart ass

  4. adamjacques1 says:

    JIgoro Kano invented Judo after training many years in JuJitsu

  5. adamjacques1 says:

    Ju-Jitsu not Jiu-Jitsu …Jiu-Jitsu is Brailian

  6. THEPIELORD42 says:

    thats what i fuckin said numb nuts i said judo took all the lethal techniques of juijitsu out of it and replaced them with throws are you retarded or something or maybe you cant read fukin uneducated backwater hick

  7. Fluffydragoncat says:

    @Jovan528 Karate is good if you are good with your hands. If you are good at throws and grapples, you would takejudo

  8. n1a9v4y1 says:

    Maybe you should. judo doesnt use “leathal strikes” it uses take downs and throws dumb fuck. are you a martial arts historian? no so go choke on a dick and stop trolling

  9. THEPIELORD42 says:

    the samurai never fuckin used JUDO they made and used JUIJITSU you fucking retard because it uses joint breaks neck breaks blood chokes eye gouges groin kicks and knee breaking kicks an pressure point techniques judo took all of these very EFFECTIVE and very LEATHAL techniques out of it to use it for sport do a history check before you comment against me again so you can prove yourself wrong

  10. n1a9v4y1 says:

    Judo is a branch of martial arts that was made from parts of jujitsu that the samurai thought to be most effective in hand to hand combat. jujitsu is not an effective hand to hand fighting style let alone a hand to hand style period. grappling isnt the most efficient way to take a person out and making them immobile. where as judo is based on using you opponents momentum and weight/strength against them in your throws.

  11. triotheyoshi says:

    the internet + judo = lol

  12. triotheyoshi says:

    actually, the throw was a critical hit, and yes it does ring a bell. i just tried to do the throw right and i did and it was awesome. <----- notice the period!

  13. THEPIELORD42 says:

    uh the samurai used JUIJITSU not judo

  14. elkikoololz says:


    Or it was so inept that you failed to protect your uke from your own throw.

    Mutual welfare and benefit rings a bell?

    Just food for thought.

  15. Peekingduck says:

    Hmm… it’s kind’a an ‘apples and oranges’ thing… also it really depends on the teacher you have and how you are built.
    Both are great systems / arts and can transform your life for the better in ways you never had thought of.
    Best thing to do might try both out a little and then make up your mind.

    Good luck

  16. Jovan528 says:

    Is it better to start training judo or karate?

  17. initdialog says:


    of course is Judo grappling. what else? O.o

  18. MobiusCoin says:

    So are they trying to say that Judo is superior to Jiu Jitsu?

  19. aznravenflame says:

    ok, after reading all these comments, non-sports Judo is NOT Judo, Kano specifically made it to be a sport martial art…he believed in safe practice and execution for training.

  20. mrcrazymaann says:

    better yet a krav maga master 😀 or muay thai.

  21. triotheyoshi says:

    ha, i did an o’ goshi so well i knocked the wind out of my teacher (the person who tought me o’ goshi not my sensei)

  22. Cyb3rus says:

    yeah, good question…ur dutch arent u? (thats at least what ur profile says) i think judo in europe is mainly a sport. so ir might be the same in the netherlands, but thats only a reasonable guess 😉

  23. larbo1616 says:

    ok, but how can I determine whether the judo that I learn is for a sportive purpose or for not sport purpose?

  24. Cyb3rus says:

    ok good point. in many parts of the world jiu-jitsu is taught to the police (like here in germany) elsewhere judo is taught (but then its mostlikely not sports-judo)

  25. larbo1616 says:

    Well then it is strange to me. As far as I know judo is taught to police forces and armies and not jiu-jitsu.