Human Weapon – MMA – Mixed Martial Arts – Part 1 of 5

| January 26, 2010


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  1. mrcrazymaann says:

    yeah but i meant in a real fights,tho even if you get hi down to ground you can get stomped XD

  2. Chozo003 says:

    Why would they bother showing us the Double Leg Takedown again? Wasn’t the exact same move (or at least, extremely similar) shown in the episode about Pankration in Greece?

  3. Irond3vil2 says:

    it is against the rules to elbow or strike the neck

  4. yomtumthai2 says:


  5. Jamesgraysonclarke says:

    Fat bastard, over confident American idiots. It makes me chuckle.

  6. BlazinFlame123 says:

    @beamer3491 it is similar to the rugby tackle

  7. mrcrazymaann says:

    during double leg takedown,what about a elbow in the back of the neck XD,but then you have to be very fast

  8. utarian7 says:

    thanks mate

  9. theseal55 says:

    They’re referred to a 12-6 elbow where your fist points the celling and you drive your elbow down

  10. beamer3491 says:

    that double leg takedown is used by every rugby league and rugby union player

  11. utarian7 says:

    you mean the downward elbow? where the palm faces yourself with fingers pointing up, going downward?

  12. theseal55 says:

    They are allowed but i agree that they are rare.. 12-to-6 elbows on the ground are illegal though

  13. Expoo7 says:

    wow they get the best of the bests only fedor is missing

  14. theirishtraitor says:

    Sorry forgot to mention the WAMMA(World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts) is probably the foremost governing body for MMA leagues in the world they keep tabs on all fighters in all fight leagues they see whos got the best records and then arrange a fight to determine rankings,there rule set is usually most accepted, but not all fight leagues follow them

  15. Radi8in says:

    the leagues that usually dont allow punches to the face go by pankration rules

  16. theirishtraitor says:

    thats it besides safety , ie handwraps ,gloves,mouthpiece
    and the vast majority have weight classes(I know you already know all this utarian7 but just for any who dont just watching this video to research mma for the first time)

  17. theirishtraitor says:

    Well it depends on the fight leagues rules
    ,they all have different rule sets,though some claim there are set rules,it varies,some leagues dont allow punches to the face(crazy as it sounds its true) others will allow downward strikes with the elbow,and strikes to the back of the head or something, essentially the most unified set of rules are these (more or less) no crotch shots,no sticking your fingers in any orfice/open wound,no throwing your opponent out of the ring/cage,and no biting,

  18. sarge727 says:

    and :28 is Eddie Bravo. Man, this is packed full of awesome athletes

  19. sarge727 says:

    YEAH! :12 is Bas Rutten, the most badass MMA fighter alive.

  20. care2goo says:

    don’t forget the roids!

  21. dragon29900 says:

    yes, im short and i can throw pretty hard kicks.

  22. 123acmilanfan says:

    there wearin asics!!! woot!!

  23. JohnColt says:

    There are pros and cons to any body type. This is true in all martial arts. Even in sumo one of the top guys at the moment is a skinny Czech guy. In MMA this is perhaps more the case than in any other martial art due to the mixed skill set it requires.

  24. JahnosSardonis says:

    Ok so a guy who is short but with explosive power in kicks and good strength, is better suited for this sport, right?

  25. JahnosSardonis says:

    what? was it the black eye? 😛