Human Weapon – MMA – Mixed Martial Arts – Part 3 of 5

| January 11, 2010

part 3

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  1. mmagamer4life says:

    lol yeas i adgree but jason is different he is a brown belt from eddie bravo the guy in the vid there long time freinds and traing partners

  2. amarall15 says:

    Actually, Mitsuyo Maeda taught JJ to Carlos Gracie, who then taught it to HΓ©lio

  3. Passenger87 says:

    Actually BJJ came from Japanese Jujitsu.

  4. fellowmercenary says:

    bjj came from judo not jujutsu

  5. bboybrok3nwing says:

    that big guy is a little bitch, he says that these legs make it harder to triangle choke, im 6ft2 and 203 ive seen people twice my size give out a beutiful triangle choke

  6. benmben1 says:

    ninjitsu is deadly πŸ™‚ i did it for years πŸ™‚ my teacher allways told me to finish people off so once u throw someone to the floor we used pressure points nd strikes to the throat and he even used to stamp on people

  7. lyraclaceras says:

    well its the question: you wanna fight or kil

  8. JPlesley says:

    thats so true :P, thats why thats not allowed in MMA LOL

  9. utarian7 says:

    thats good, but you can just add that stuff into jiu jitsu (street fight)

  10. muslimgiga says:

    ju jitsu is nothing compared to ninjutsu ground fighting.
    Ninjutsu doesn’t play fair. Shot to the eyes, gouging the eyes, and strikes to the neck and facial pressure points. Deadly yes, Fair No.

  11. utarian7 says:

    how does bill even expect a chjance against black belt jiu jitsu when he has just learnt a couple submissinos in 2 days…………….lol

  12. deanskis says:

    yeah i was like “i thought he did judo” hahaha

  13. The01Toby says:

    Eddie Bravo rules! WOW I wish I could meet him, I train in JJJ and I’m the only one in my gym that uses rubber guard and I helps alot!

  14. CarlitoJohnson says:

    i dont doubt bjj at all, but wrestling isnt just for the takedowns
    submission wrestlers match up on the groundgame 90% as much!

  15. mrdavidpatrickcase says:

    they start off in rubber guard before triangle. they are instructionally misinterpreting this to the audiance. you can get a triangle from rubber guard, but tradionally in the context of this video its from guard

  16. bmknucklehead says:

    eddie bravo’s a legand

  17. wengerboy says:

    Mitsuyo Maeda was a judo expert not a Jiu-Jitsu, surpised they didnt pick up on that

  18. FlashmanJW says:

    One of those guys at 2:24-2:38 is Kit Cope

  19. LamborghiniGuy4 says:

    lol at the start theyre talking about heavy weights not knowing how to kick, guess they dont know whow Cro Cop

  20. sunburstgibson says:

    I’m glad they appropriately credited the Japanese arts for the creation of ju jitsu. Too often people believe that Brazil was the Birth place of the art. I have no doubt that the Brazilians made some useful modifications , however most of what they do had been done hundreds of years before in Japan , & China for that matter.

  21. garynotrashcougar says:

    why wouldn’t bill try the triangle from more of an angle

  22. DLOC131 says:

    gotta luv eddie bravo . . his rubber gaurd is funky

  23. Felipewiii says:

    Yeah, Cung is aggressive fighter. Though people critize he’s aggressiveness as “flashy moves”. All those kicks seems to work as far as I know. He’s good πŸ˜›

  24. brandonlamchops says:

    i like cung lee because hes a rare fighter. most guys ust throow one kick and then go back to their ground or boxing. lee does kick combos which is rare in a lot of mma.

  25. 00JakeR00 says:

    BJJ god.