Human Weapon – MMA – Mixed Martial Arts – Part 4 of 5

| February 14, 2010

part 4

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  1. jmun28x says:

    jea it always does

  2. yiamamoto says:

    BJJ eats Wrestling??LOL…..
    I bet u haven’t try either of this styles….

  3. greatblueherron says:

    Connor and Rico both looked like they hadn’t been in the ring in a while.

  4. yomtumthai2 says:


  5. bboybrok3nwing says:

    the big 250 guy let a little 185 guy throw him around like a ragdoll!!!!

  6. bboybrok3nwing says:

    @Sirkrass, well after all the big guy is the biggest heavy weight pussy ive ever seen

  7. VeritasHermetica says:

    look at that back at 0:32

  8. Gamezero05 says:

    @mrcrazymaann I know I over-simplified it.

  9. mrcrazymaann says:

    @gamerzero05 , krav maga isnt really run away 😛
    They ussually add a finisher e.g a stomp to the head on a downed opponent. Tho on the street once youve done the finisher its still a good thing to run away. 😀 if yo0u think about the law

  10. Joe22c says:

    Whats Jason worried about? BJJ eats up Wrestling lol

  11. Gamezero05 says:

    They may disagree… but there is not much difference between Canadians and Americans. If there was a Canadian in an American town or an American in a Canadian town, nobody would know they were from another country.

  12. codenamevengeance says:

    nope…let’s jsut say you’re right about the “craved more” part. i just got too addicted to that adrenaline rush like feeling. trust me, having that just makes it hard to keep yourself from getting into fights. at the same time, it’s kinda like a test drive,

  13. adamjacques1 says:

    Canadians may disagree.

  14. adamjacques1 says:

    craved more ? more options.

  15. adamjacques1 says:

    codenamevengeance… Has 1000years experience as an internet blackbelt in vale tudo-maga-death-sambo …trust me, he knows his shit.

  16. adamjacques1 says:

    -Internet black belt-

  17. codenamevengeance says:

    well, let’s just say that running away isn’t one of my options… being trained since childhood, i just craved for more since i threw my first punch….

  18. Gamezero05 says:

    I don’t understand what you are talking about, codenamevengeance…

    Vale Tudo isn’t a fighting dicipline.. it’s a kind of fighting. Vale Tudo is basically a “no rules” fight. Krav Maga is a self defense system. Krav Maga is basically block a punch and throw one at the same time, kick the guy in the nuts, and run away.

  19. Gamezero05 says:

    I’m not saying GSP is American.. but America and Canada is pretty much the same. I know people from Canada who live here in the U.S. and I don’t even think of them being “foreign”. There isn’t much difference between an American and a Canadian. Just throwing that out there.

  20. JahnosSardonis says:

    When Randy Couture gambles in the Bellagio and looses, he wins.

  21. codenamevengeance says:

    my recommendation, muay thai, jiujitsu, sambo, wrestling, pankration, krav maga and vale tudo make a fatal arsenal. trust me, they all work.

  22. Sirkrass says:

    the big guy looks like hes afraid of taking a hit… 😀

  23. jericho696969 says:

    Randy seems like a pretty sound guy……

  24. schnetzelkatze says:

    hahaha the hair at 1:25

  25. ReverendNovember says:

    I’m almost immediately regretting I said USA flavor being that I’ve never been to Brazil or Russia or Britain, etc… But there is the mixing element which the US is known for. I wasn’t being racist. 3/5 of the UFC champions are not from the states and Hawaii is almost another country from what I hear and that leaves Brock. I’d say he’s pretty American tho.