Igor Vovchanchyn Highlight

| April 21, 2010

Highlight of Igor Vovchanchyn…originally made by Damien Mixed martial arts record Wins 49 Losses 9 Draws 1 Kick Boxing record 61 Wins 2 Losses Won World Kick Boxing/Martial Arts Championship in Moscow, 1995.

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  1. violetoctohedron says:

    this guy is a beast. i love the way he’s handling fighters of any size with raw passion and technique. this is what a good fighter is all about.

  2. jukebox80sman says:

    “the polar bear” =floor rug.

  3. Damienhls says:

    glad you like yall check my other hls

  4. lonewolfbg says:

    before Fedor…was Igor!!!!!

  5. noodfiguur says:

    uf he hits a bull in the head, it would probably ko

  6. noodfiguur says:

    first bit were old russion no holds barred fight, the nastiest ive seen in my life. thought i would never see them again.

    Thank!!! I love it. best vid of igor and one of the best of any fighter ive seen .(ramon dekkers is nice as well) igor is the beast that wont give up and he shows no expression

  7. jekel1 says:

    amazing hl vid, yes igor was the original badass, i am friends with enson and the toughest thing ever is that i was in the 10 row during pride 10. my #1 and 2 fighters but enson was my boy.

  8. thetsimpil says:

    before fedor, there was igor

  9. herseyb says:

    holy fucking shit.

  10. altenburg423 says:

    Great video!! Thanx

  11. sankoboy1983 says:

    1:32 is cool