Is A Major League Of Mma A Bad Idea?

| December 6, 2010

Being from the San Francisco area I have a great respect for Strikeforce, but I have to agree with Dana White that it isn’t on the level of the UFC. I don’t think that is a bad thing either. Strikeforce was an amazing regional show that was besides the UFC was the only other MMA organizations that made any money. Now they have signed a few big name fighters they are trying to go head to head with the UFC. The problem is they still just do not have the fire power to compete with the UFC at this time and I don’t think they will anytime soon. They need more than one or two super stars per weight class. I mean who often can the same top fighters fight each other. After saying all this there are a few things I would love to see happen in the near future in the world of MMA.

I want to see MMA become more like the NBA. The UFC would be the main game in town where the best fighters go to fight. Like with basketball all the other countries would have their own professional leagues. Having these leagues around the world will be key to help the sport continue to grow worldwide and creates farm systems around the world. I would love to see Strikeforce become the Minor leagues of MMA in American. Instead of working against the UFC they would become a farm system for the future UFC superstars. All the small time regionally shows can keep doing what they are doing, because we need them to keep giving young fighters a place to fight. Strikeforce would basically stay the way it is now, but any of their fighters that became top 15 to 20 fighters would move over to the UFC. 

Having one American superpower is not a bad thing. The NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS and NHL are all monopolies. The only major sport that’s not a monopoly is boxing and we see the mess it’s become. Once there is only one major league of MMA the fighters can ban together and setup a fighters union. That way they will be paid fairly and be protected like all other major sports leagues. They won’t be forced to go fight overseas to make more money if they do not want to. 
By having all this happen we get the fights we want to see. If a fighter doesn’t want to fight the best in the world they can go fight overseas in a MMA league in Europe or Japan. The UFC would have more power when negotiating with networks like CBS. Making it more likely the UFC would get the network deal it wants. The UFC having a network deal would mean more free MMA for us. Wouldn’t you love to have for more free MMA to watch?
This is just basic idea. I know it would need to fine tuned and a lot of major parties would need to come together for this to ever become reality. It will most likely not happen for a long time to come, but I think something along these guide lines will help the sport greatly. Let me know what you think?

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