Karo Parisyan, Judo For Mixed Martial Arts, Drop Seoi-Nagi

| June 14, 2010

www.groundfighter.com – UFC Veteran Karo Parisyan demonstrates one of his most successful MMA Judo throws the Drop Seoi-Nagi. From the incredible World Martial Arts DVD Video Series Judo For Mixed Martial Arts.

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  1. mikey4u1984 says:

    @legauchefrappe Unless you are Karo.

  2. jnoel91 says:

    @DavidRobertsUk It is a no no on the ground.

  3. DavidRobertsUk says:

    Hey, I have a question about this video! At 2:35, when Karo is in a Rear Naked choke, i can see that his partner has his feet crossed.
    I sparred with my MMA coach and he told me never to do this and demonstrated why I should’t. I got him into a Rear naked choke then he place his legs in a figure four over my foot then, and got me into a foot lock with his leg, I was in agony!
    I was wandering is that advice for a beginner or a general No no on the ground?

    I was wandering if this advice

  4. jmattbizzle says:

    these are all very simple throws, not black belt level, good for starters

  5. stratocaster1986able says:

    nice to see judo used in mma instead BJJ bandwagoners.

  6. BloodXSweatXGuitars says:

    1:54 he points to his sparring partners nuts and starts talking all stuttery. lmao!!

  7. IN5YOUR5FACE5 says:

    Karo does the exact same in a MMA match without the gi.. that’s talent man fucking hard too

  8. legauchefrappe says:

    i was just about to say the thing about the gi, with a gi u have much more control, i dont think turning ur back on ur opponent in mma is ever a good idea, throws or no throws!

  9. rusavolk says:

    Thx for sharing Karo

  10. judoandpeace says:

    @Bokkenworks you sir get the gold medal for the truth award,
    when you sweat and your slippy its very risky.
    Good spot.

  11. odanne29 says:

    nice throw!!

  12. nano4288 says:

    @Bokkenworks I’m sure Karo himself didn’t post this video so you could forgive him on the spelling. In terms of your other points, Karo participated in Olympic trials before ’04 and is an MMA fighter. Unless you’ve actually participated in the Olympics and are also an MMA fighter, don’t question his techniques.

  13. Bokkenworks says:

    I like Karo and respect him as a mma fighter and judo player but I see three things wrong with this.
    1. It’s Nage not Nagi, basic but a judoka should know the difference.
    2. Why pull your arm out when you could just curl it across the chest with less effort and movement.
    3. Never, ever, ev everrrr drop to both knees. It works in Judo competition because you have the gi to hold. When you are bare and slick with sweat you are going to need one foot on the ground to engage your hips into the throw.

  14. lcd1972 says:

    too slow an bowrin explanaition

  15. nomamao says:

    Yeah. Karo’s the man.

  16. Wildnight89 says:

    yes I do. (never used this one in a MMA fight tho…will probably try it when I go back home )
    btw my comment was to the guy who said my quote but karo parisyan does know what he is talking about

  17. nomamao says:


    You throw people often?

  18. the6554tyler says:

    ya karo parisyan does judo throws almost in every fight

  19. Wildnight89 says:

    quote:youre not meant to cross your feet

    Finaly someone who knows what he’s talking about on youtube! gratz

  20. jackinthebox16 says:

    what if he gets you in a kimora ?

  21. NewWestSkater says:

    some moves? he’s been competing in judo competitions against adults since he was a young teenager. sorry to tell you fan boy but you don’t know nearly as much as him.

  22. OllieScene20 says:

    ahahahahaha criticizing karo parysians judo thats funny……

  23. AmbitionHCD says:

    I swear, every video i watch of a black belt sharing their techniques, there is some self proclaimed expert saying that the practitioner is wrong, but never back it up.

  24. hendrixian1 says:

    u have 2 remember that he says that some of these moves are midified 2 better suit mma… but yeah, im sure u know more than him. I mean… he only won the world championship 4 times..

  25. LAKingsFan818 says:

    Lol yeah, good call.