Kevin The King of Queens James Vs Randy The Natural Couture

| June 11, 2010

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  1. RioRaul1 says:

    i dont know why….but its fu*king funny to watch james being in trouble^^

  2. blazinxsaddles21 says:

    much respect 4 Kevin James

  3. hippiebuggirl11 says:

    honestly, i cant decide if this is the funniest or most awesome thing ive ever seen. Kevin has always been one of my favorite comedians, but this just raised my love and respect for him, and everything he does, to a whole new level.

  4. TheRogueMonk says:

    @TheRogueMonk he is cool , i hope i comes in shape

  5. TheRogueMonk says:

    lolol loooooooooool
    this could be a scene in the series . king of queens

  6. HKA25 says:

    He actually trains/trained with Bas and Randy?? Damn.. Cool 😀

  7. shoaibbtt says:

    nt freakin bad big kev

  8. blusuck says:

    randy is a fucking beast

  9. gremlin05 says:

    You think his separated shoulder will help his handicap?

  10. xxroman0xx says:

    on the show KOQ he was always doing insanly crazy stuff! lol
    he ran like a bull and ran INTO THINGS HARD lmao
    Love this guy hes funny as hell
    he isnt a softy like on the show

  11. T33VlOn3Dt says:

    He has my respect.

  12. ColinRayko says:

    I know lol

  13. BigBadassR says:

    I used to not think that much of Kevin James, but I now respect the man. Glad I saw this. Didnt know he was gutsy.

  14. RastafariPoet says:

    lol last scene – Injury

  15. omgiheartpie says:

    kevin james is insanely strong and athletic. This alone can be seen on King of Queens, especially in the ping pong episode, when doug wins a game of ping pong over carrie, he does these insanely high jumps and cool dance moves lol

  16. dnpeake says:

    what is this a clip from?

  17. CaolanM07 says:

    Yeah, Kevin James was Bas Ruttens ring man for many of his matches.

  18. ImKoolWithThis says:

    @02bash true

  19. 02bash says:

    kevin james is one of the those active fat guys, even on kings of queens whenever he runs he ran like a athlete and very light not like a normal fat guy.

  20. A1dth010 says:

    What is funny about this whole clip is that, while you see him training; he is talking about the training improving his golf game. “A little three foot putt is not going to seem that intimidating.” (^ o ^)

  21. GregorHamilton says:

    no ones making fun of him here, and sure maybe he couldnt kick all of our asses because remember were all younger than he is, but i would certainly not take Kevin James lightly if we were to get into a real sparring match or fight.

  22. CHchinaman says:

    if i’m correct, he’s more than just a fan of bas, they are good friends

  23. CHchinaman says:

    close friends with the fucking man himself, Bas Rutten, and has trained with Melchor Maynor. there’s so much more to Kevin than his comedy : )

  24. baywatchrules12 says:

    Go Kev!!

  25. janderson2000 says:

    Imagine if he didn’t have to maintain his comic fatness….