Life Tips from Bas Rutten

| April 27, 2010

Download: Bas Rutten is a well known mixed martial artist and television personality. Bas is co-host of HDNet’s Inside MMA, a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and King of Pancrase Champion. Bas appeared in the hit movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop and is featured in the Rockstar videogame Grand Theft Auto IV. Bas also trained Kimbo Slice for his MMA debut. Bas Rutten gives life tips for the youth of Jane-Finch. Bas talks about ways to avoid bullying and why kids should stay away from gang life. He also discusses his success in mixed martial arts and his future projects. Bas offers dating tips for the geeks out there and gives a special shout out to Thanks to Bas for his kindness and support.

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  1. Stuipants4321 says:

    thank you bas you and bruce lee are the best

  2. legauchefrappe says:

    i love bas, i had problems finding a reason to remain fighting, and bas is giving me a reason, great guy!

  3. morrisog1979 says:

    Bas is such a good role model!

    I hope he never goes away..infact i wish him and joe rogan would work together on UFC cards

  4. antonitsats says:

    Bas is a true inspiration…in life, in training, in fighting, and in business! And his Cartoon Network commercials for kids’ nutrition and exercise are WONDERFUL…my 8 year old nephew loooooooves the one where he tears up the head of lettuce face first…thank you, Sebastian for being the Yoda of MMA…we love you, Bas…God Bless and Party On.

  5. 83Mysterio says:

    Bas is smart and funny.

  6. Lacktardo says:

    Goeie Bas, je bent de man.

  7. joe232avi says:

    Bas, you are truly a wonderful person and thank you so much for setting me straight 🙂

  8. s0ldi3rb0yx says:

    So true, I will follow his word to the letter now

  9. Michaelmop says:


    No he isn’t fucking ‘god’. There is no god, but there is a Bas Rutten.

  10. thestollmanspeaketh says:

    I have had the pleasure to meet Bas Rutten and even take one of his MMA workout classes and he is just the greatest!

  11. shaolinsoccer says:

    How can you not love this guy? He’s just so cool

  12. youtert says:

    Bas is a very nice guy except when he’s stabbing you in th liver.

  13. kamui180185 says:

    Bas is great! Great Guy you see that he had bad experience in his past as a kid but he managed to see the good in people….

    Bas is Legend

    Let me know when he comes to Germany^^

  14. Idiotboxxx says:


  15. Drizzy123 says:

    Lol Bas is the best.

  16. defion123 says:

    good vid

  17. ashthegreat says:

    Haha! Bas Rutten is a wise guy! I’d like to meet him and get his autograph or something if he comes to Toronto. I kick ass so well though i don’t like to fight. I haven’t fought for a year now. People fight me though, and they always lose…like 90% of the time.
    Anyways if you want to be a good fighter, you shouldn’t want to fight… It will ruin you as it has an opposite effect,

  18. TrueLineRider says:

    Awesome video, bas rutten is the man

  19. TrueLineRider says:

    @ashthegreat hahaha fucking shut up liar, stop trying to be internet cool guy

  20. JaSeY963 says:

    Thanks Bas =) You’re an inspiration. A true good tough guy.

  21. wlxfu says:


  22. Tk0mma says:

    thank you bas!! pure gold as always

  23. superterrifichappy says:

    I wish Bas was my friend.

  24. intrestedparties says:


  25. lucirz says:

    @thaistomp, wth u talking about? i said he’s a cool guy, how am i a hater? i like bas rutten.