Lo-bloo Thai Cup 2.0 Groin Guard Protection Mixed Martial Arts

| January 22, 2017

Lo-bloo Thai Cup 2.0 Groin Guard Protection Mixed Martial Arts

Lo-bloo Thai Cup 2.0 Groin Guard Protection Mixed Martial Arts

  • DEVELOPED BY ATHLETES: This isn’t your average cup! The Lo Bloo was designed and invented to be the ultimate groin protection by the Swedish Athletes. After competing in MMA, Muay Thai and other combat sports, This top Athletes created a new type of guard that is just what athletes and fighters need
  • SPAR IN SAFETY: Patented after the more bulky Thai steel cup, The Lo Bloo been tested to resist up to 4 tons of pressure and is much more flexible and more ergonomic than its steel counterpart. It will sit in place, barely noticeable (thanks to its soft lining), while giving your 100% protection from low blows!
  • NO NEED TO CONSTANTLY READJUST: There’s nothing worse than trying to spar and having a cup move, slide around or worse – come loose. With the Lo Bloo, you can easily lace up the waist and leg straps to fit you perfectly, keeping the cup perfectly snug and in place – no shifting and no digging into your thigh
  • BETTER HYGIENE: Protection is important, but so is good hygiene too! That’s why our groin guards are extra easy to clean after each use and come with extra optimally-placed ventilation holes to keep up circulation during the most intense sparring or training sessions.
  • SAFER COMBAT OR YOUR MONEY BACK – As athletes, we know that the Lo Bloo 2.0 is some of the best protection you’ll find, but if, for any reason, you don’t agree, simply return it to us for a replacement or 100% refund – no questions asked

Designed by Swedish Top Athletes

The Lo Bloo 2.0 was designed and invented by Swedish Top Athletes – and you can be sure and they’ve battled tested their creation in combat, time and again.

The cup is tough enough to withstand tons of pressure and the most lethal of groin shots, all while giving you the best design and function.

Adios traditional steel Thai cup!

Traditional steel Thai cups are great, but they are also wide, bulky and can impede your range of motion.

The Lo Bloo is flexible, more ergonomic than a steel cup and is a MUCH nicer fit. You can easily slide it on and adjust it to the perfect position. It’s lighter, narrower and won’t dig or run into your thighs when kicking, kneeing or training.

And it won’t slip slide around

It’s almost impossible to focus on sparring when you have an awkward, uncomfortable cup that slips around and takes your attention off your performance. That’s why we use specially

List Price: $ 44.99


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