Mario Sperry Vale-Tudo 4 Mixed Martial Arts DVD’s

| June 23, 2010 – Here’s the 4th of 6 samples from the first series from mixed martial arts master and trainer Mario Sperry. This DVD Series covers every aspect of No Holds Barred fighting with techniques ranging from takedowns to striking to advanced groundfighting. Awesome material…

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  1. MrLinder says:

    So, i know bujinkan and krav maga together in 18 years 😉

  2. MrLinder says:

    I have over seven years experience of Krav Maga

  3. ishhhiii says:

    @MrLinder no one asked

  4. M8XBADBOYZ says:

    @MrLinder dont be to confident. if ur npt used to ground fighting. u’ll be dead easily.

  5. iknowuwanttotouchit says:

    bang bang.

  6. MrLinder says:

    He looks like a moron! I would beat him easily, i have trained Bujinkan in 18 years!

  7. jaafarjomaa says:

    I”‘ve been doing this shit my entire life.”

    LOL 😀

  8. MsHipnotik says:

    bang! bang! hahaha!

  9. Ironbulluk says:

    But they all do and they’re better than gay porn

  10. memento18poker says:

    imagine if bas teamed up with quinton jackson to make an instructional… that would be hilarious

    and yes, no one compares to bas

  11. wysiwygbandit says:

    No1 compares to bas rutten tho

  12. malachi1616 says:

    This guy is hilarious, reminds me of Bas Rutten. Good stuff.

  13. freerunningmoe says:


  14. shirvington18 says:


    I don’t understand. You get mad when guys turn you on?

  15. vitor3000 says:

    ive been doing this shit my entire life

  16. jammmmie009 says:

    thats why professionals where cups… and in the streets… well u smash that fuck in the face before he even thinks of hitting u in the balls.. if he tries to punch u in the nuts from that postion anyhow.. your just going to come down raining on his face with fists.

  17. 84bodhipath says:

    this has to be a gay chat thread


  18. 84bodhipath says:

    I dont hate grapplers or gay guys. Im just mad at the ones who turn me on.

    all of these videos are hilarious with the volume down. LOL

  19. DiosEsElMejor says:

    Stfu this is not even a guy so idk what yur trying to say

  20. sidemount69 says:

    mario is gay like me,and we ,all grapplers are gay like the person watch our videos.

  21. BlackFarrapo says:

    AND IF THE GUY IN THE FLOR PUNCH HIS BALLS ????? what is the defense?

  22. Ilikepeaches1 says:

    to people who dont know how to fight it looks gay, maybe even to some boxers. also if you have a lot of gay thoughts it might look gay to you.

  23. 5190 says:


  24. JackMacyntire says:

    That’s good that is.

  25. Beninjam91 says:

    because its a substitute for a word that actually makes sense in the sentence if i were to say “what the sex?” it wouldnt make sense and as fuck means sex kinda proving me right oh and by the way you mean proving not approving lack of intelligence… and btw that is a proof of lack of intelligence