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| July 29, 2010

wow! martial arts move

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  1. criss10121993 says:

    amm para mi eso no parece artes marcials si no acrobacias pero pues si esta jenial el video

  2. GokuB says:

    yd be happy if i could do half those moves

  3. TeamNewAngeles says:

    you are better then Richard Sandrak. Nice ninja moves

  4. toreswe says:

    I agree. This is parkour.

  5. ScubsSSB says:

    its crazy !! FUCKING GOOD =)

  6. sezuor says:

    stolen from the urban ninja video

  7. maldiniisthebest says:

    the video’s name should be free running n martial arts

  8. LetsTakeSlowSteps says:

    yeah this prob 1 of the 1st videos on youtube… ^_^ “2005” really amazing fucking asian stereotype owning parkour lol fuck man i couldnt do a backflip to save my life haha

  9. xZenetothx says:

    he’s good

  10. SuperChaos16 says:

    somebodys had pratice runnin from the cops lol but that mothafucker is a aurban ninja!!

  11. PerwersyjneMaslo says:

    what song?

  12. mrxexellent says:

    how is the move on 1:44 called?

  13. Makubex628 says:

    Uh… urban jumping isn’t martial arts. It’s urban jumping.

  14. yokris0 says:

    it requires ALOT of practice

  15. lovechobits3 says:


  16. NightbyDAY says:

    stolen from the urban ninja video

  17. BenjiPrice089 says:

    awesome XD

  18. freakyfreak90 says:

    one of the first parkour videos ive ever saw.. and one of the best 🙂

  19. CasualBlitz says:

    If I have motivation and courage, I could do this

    What lucky and amazing one !

  20. tricksterD8 says:

    how many time did that guy get kicked out of the mall free running like that? lol I got kicked out for doing just some basic tricking..

  21. messiamirmasoud says:

    it is called parkour u dummy

  22. cacapelapivot says:

    if you want to letrn these teknics youve got tu catsh a urban ninja

  23. johanpojken says:

    thats wrong ;P parkour is just jumping over stuff! Freerunning u do Flips to!

  24. 63N713M4N says:

    Hmm… in my opinion Free Running ist just the fastest way through and Parkour is the fastest way through with tricking elements.. i don’t know that this depends on what country you live in, but maybe it is like that….

  25. j7Piro says:

    martial arts tricks and some 3run…