Martial Arts Stretches : Martial Arts Splits Stretches

| July 26, 2010

A martial arts splits stretch will help help warm up the leg muscles. Learn how to do the splits stretch for martial arts with tips from a martial arts instructor in this free warm up and stretching video. Expert: William Sampson Bio: William Sampson is a martial arts instructor with United Studios of Self Defense. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

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  1. 1MichaelTV says:

    United Studios of Self Defence 😛

  2. PsychoBeast1980 says:

    Sun studios…A very good dojo. I’ve taken it before 🙂

  3. christaekwon says:

    @ArmourExe Yes, it works. I train tkd and also do this kind of stretching. I can almost do a split.

  4. ArmourExe says:

    dos this sht even work?

  5. daedalx says:

    HELP!! How do I get back up, I’ve been stuck here for 3 hours. j/k

  6. fateindustry says:

    @steveakfr Few weeks? You got to be kidding me.

  7. dangkoen says:

    @tyciol I specified it wasn’t only mental power, but also training and dynamic stretching.

  8. tyciol says:

    @dangkoen Mental power? Hardly, more like static flexibility (looseness) which is developed dynamically (related to the recipricol inhibition of active stretching plus cold flexibility) and then needing enough power to launch the limb up there.

  9. tyciol says:

    This is some great PNF stretching technique

  10. steveakfr says:

    cassavaeater: I’m 36, I’m a Taekwondo blackbelt and used to do complete split until about 24, I hadn’t train until last month when I retruned to martial arts, it’s a bit painful but if you are serious about your training and constant you should get there in a few weeks.

  11. EdTheBadass says:

    it shouldn’t be painful. Maybe cause some discomfort, but not literally pain

  12. dangkoen says:

    @Lrdvltr Well, I’m no expert. But I do know splits are not a garanty for high kicks. Look up high kick stretching videos on Youtube. That should help you out.

  13. bawege says:

    he got his scool logo from the karate kid movie….lmao

  14. Lrdvltr says:

    @dangkoen What do you propose I do for high kicks?

  15. dangkoen says:

    @Lrdvltr No, it does not. It improves the agility of your muscles you need to kick high. But high kicking depends on a whole lot of other factors. I can go pretty far too while stretching. The high kicks are more a product of mental power and of course hard training.

  16. lunatic20000 says:

    someone got to help me,if i ignore the pain i can sit in all 3 splits but how to do the split without pain

  17. chloebear2006 says:

    Good question by busterboy, There are a few good stretching videos for us Martial Artist and I actually just rented one online from goldstarvideo they have a good selection for only 9.99. I got Matt Fureys set

  18. BusterBoy5555 says:

    Who has the best videos out on stretching?

  19. leahcimrac says:

    How often do you do this and much my recovery time do you need between each stretching session? Thanks!

  20. lukie69 says:

    Scientific research has shown, after the initial 15-30 seconds of stretching your muscles will have stretched to their optimum! After that time, it is very marginal!

  21. DIVAD291 says:

    this is going to be useful when i goal

  22. TheEVILJACKAL says:

    yes streching helps your kicking ability, strech everyday hold it to the point of pain for 5mins (not in pain but so you feel it, your see your self get better and better it you use a chair lean on it and then try spits this helps alot and takes the weight of your knees P.S JACKAL

  23. Lrdvltr says:

    Does the ability to do full splits improve your high-kick ability? If not, what does?

  24. MaikDeleon says:

    i guess is because hes older when your young your muscle are more flexible and can stretch faster

  25. TheGooberment says:

    he’s been stretching for years and cant do a full split! WTF? what he did in years time i did in months time!