Martial Arts Tips : How to Knock Someone Out in One Punch

| August 16, 2010

In traditional karate, attack techniques were designed to kill or knockout an opponent in one punch. Knock out an aggressive competitor with tips from a martial arts teacher in this free video on knockouts. Expert: John Graden Contact: Bio: John Graden, member of the Martial Arts Teaching Association, combines the discipline of martial arts with practical experience to produce a unique teaching style. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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  1. topidude says:

    if only justin beiber had a brain

  2. nakeddrummer13 says:

    Wow that was very very gay.

  3. DannyWilsonsLaundry says:

    @1982FMJ Could you please forward me any news stories about some one who has trained in martial arts and has just gone around inciting violence? Because I haven’t heard of one. One should always be prepared and know how to defend oneself. But I guess in a world whre you fart butterfiles and you shit skittles there would be no need. But I don’t know of such a world.
    Even Jesus told his followers to sell their coat and to buy a sword. Hmm.

  4. dpianonvocals says:

    his brothers prolly like wtf?

  5. Acontador13 says:

    time to go test his theory

  6. PlagueRiddenGoat says:

    @HeadMan12345 I’ll put it this way. If bruce lee were alive and in his “prime” and got in a fight with a c-level MMA fighter, I would put my money and the crappy fighter than the crappy actor.

  7. HeadMan12345 says:

    dumbass if you knew anything about what you were talking about you would know that bruce lee trained for many years before getting into show biz…

  8. ftlptba says:

    the hit under the ear is the best but with a lot of power,!i tested it ;]

  9. lorushel says:

    oh yeah this is gonna be good

  10. 1982FMJ says:

    people should never resort to violence. It’s the mentality of thinking violenty that starts it. WHy don’t we teach youngsters never to fight in the first place that way there would be no need for martial arts. martial arts is good in someways but also it creates more violent people

  11. PlagueRiddenGoat says:

    @Iololz bruce lee was a fake. Just a shitty b-actor.

  12. LosTBoYMTC says:

    @jraybay It was a joke bro. I’m sorry did I offend you with my comment on the video?? Is this your sensei and your coming to his and Expertvillage’s defense?? Lol, I’m sorry man it won’t happen again. Freakin homo.

  13. boomergetaddicted says:

    you didn’t even hit him now me and my friend are gonna have to go outside and try it to see if it works

  14. saffibaffi says:

    @brendan1713 i shit in your sisters eyesocket from a great height.

  15. knowledgeisthepower1 says:

    Just kick them in the balls!!

  16. chipmunk110702 says:

    momma said knock you out i did that to my school bully i run the school now biatch

  17. jraybay says:


  18. jraybay says:

    FIRST……. I throw a punch from my kneecap, moving upwards towards his chin and I knock his fuckin block off clean from the neck!

  19. brendan1713 says:

    @saffibaffi ur little 1 inch pinch cudnt do that the cunt wud be more like did a fuckin fly hit me?

  20. runedarkwarrior says:

    @viper1995 lol

  21. GangstaGriIIz says:


  22. daveexetercl says:

    thanks! im going to go and knock some cunt out now

  23. viper1995 says:

    ‘Just for fun’ lets knock someone the fuck out

  24. jasonyeozhishen says:

    its kinda a good tip to punch really hard on the forhead. . make him knock back..

    sry for my bad english

  25. TheDrewbiondo says:

    @xirux01 whatever man you are fucking gay and noone likes you suck a dick bitch