Masters of Mixed Martial Arts Nat Geo part 1

| June 8, 2010

Introduction to the show.

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  1. Rishiishere says:


  2. mrsolodol089 says:

    Holy fucking shit…you’re retarded..

  3. lavidkof says:


  4. TimA340 says:

    @politie210 You need to do ur homework 41 yrs in JJ and 28 in BJJ ,i can say for fact jujigatame,(armbar) jujigarame( kimura) , jujijime (Cross Collar Choke) Hadakajime (Rear Naked Choke), Kesagatame, Katagatame, Tateshihogatame etc These all were taught to the Gracies by Mitsuyo Maeda who received his training in JJ in 1890s and then went on to study judo under Kano which was a sport version of JJ. So ground tech used today in BJJ was in JJJ 2000 + yr ago. before BJJ ever was thought of.

  5. politie210 says:

    @yimmiytube bcuz bjj is on the ground not normal japanese jiu jitsu

  6. smokin89 says:

    thx for the upload just wish the commentator didnt talk so much bullshit and say that ground and pound belongs to the category of leverage… wtf is the kimura then?

  7. cacasarq says:

    the video 2 is blocked for brasil…. come on netgeo guys…let it be… net geo is better than this… put in a lower quality than but bey it be! This is 2010!!!!!! dont let the money be the focous! NAT GEO!!!!!!! GEO!!!!!! not NAT. wake up.
    ps. I have cable!! with netgeo.

  8. sanzone7 says:

    thanks for upload mate

  9. bloodrage008 says:

    @saweet999 what?…. hahahah

  10. scoves9484 says:

    I would hav put Penn or GSP in there instead of Lister

  11. racingmylife15 says:

    he means 150000 dollar and not 150 dollar 😀

  12. mattyh5101 says:

    No disrespect to the legends here (not lister) but if you’re testing for power some younger top fighters would probably be much better

  13. yimmiytube says:

    6.22 no locking in Original ju jit su ???? why Brazilian?????

  14. kathyDninaP says:

    what channel is nat geo on? i keep forgeting.

  15. classicdubliner says:

    What is with American documentaries and repeating information a minimum of five times. Great! I fucking get it, now move one.
    This narrator is also terrible.

  16. wardancer400 says:

    @92845756 he says knees come from kickboxing wich is near muay thai ^^

  17. petecool says:

    muay thai no.1 !

  18. LarsAKApotet says:

    thanks for uploading 😉

  19. kirtorn says:

    @92845756 muay thai or karate

  20. kirtorn says:

    @92845756 how can you say that, there is no ruke that says its fomr muay thai karate. it is in basically every martial art…

  21. TheJay9002 says:

    that boy would take your fuckin head clean off. but how come the boxers dummy is allowed to go so far back with the punch compared with the other dummy thats fixed more solidly. at 8.46.?surely that affects the whiplash etc. getting the full brunt of the force instead of being allowed to fall back?

  22. adahm81 says:

    rutten`s kicks are slower than cro cop… but much mor powerfull… the most powerfull kick on the ufc

  23. batistavegeta says:

    @birdmanhero machida’s awesome

  24. bewbass says:

    emelianenko number 1

  25. hrbrizi says:

    cro cop have a high kick about 750 kg