Masters of Mixed Martial Arts Nat Geo part 4

| February 1, 2010

Analyzing knock out spots, grappling and the sleeper hold.

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  1. suntov says:

    tito has one annoying voice

    i hate that guy and i dont even know why

  2. dolflow says:

    lol i think they mean the muay thai fighters ancestors from the orients used to kick banana trees, not actual mma fighters to this day

  3. kinneas says:

    I am just starting MMA this year and I will be 23 in December 🙂

  4. CBoavida says:

    16 is a great age, even if you want to compete.

  5. dbartyzel says:

    Not at all. You will be suprised how quickly you can adapt to hitting and getting hit. Within the first year depending on your fitness level. I started at 30 yrs old so you are in the clear, we have guys in the gym in their 50s, and the guys kicking banana trees? thats mostly movie stuff. Where would you even get a banana tree?

  6. Flodius says:

    There is no magic age. Do you want to become an UFC fighter? 16 and train and go amature matches for 5 years, 21 and you’re a fighter. BUT even 21 is young in UFC, I would guess avrg. is around 25.
    Anyways, there is no magic age, you can start anytime, but if you wish to compete I would suggest that you start before 28 and it depends on your base form, from the start.

  7. spensatron says:

    any age to start martial arts is a good age. study individual disciplines and if your game will progress greatly after i would say four years. fight with the gi as well

  8. raigami says:

    never too old to learn. i would suggest to begin with either judo/sambo, where they contain both takedowns and submission, then transition into another strike art.

  9. AznSwordGod says:

    it is never too late to learn martial arts. Some people would only wish they started at 16.

  10. StateredneK says:

    not at all you can seriously start at any age im 17 and started at 16 and at the gym that i go to people of all ages want to learn mma from 5 to 40 no lie

  11. danpanda956 says:

    i have a question i am 16 and would like to learn martial arts is it too late i mean in this vids it said that mma fighters have to hit objects and things like that to become less vulnerable to injurys so i am guessing being 6 yrs old isnt really good to start witht that most likely just the techniques but i guess does anybody know whats a good age??

  12. xPRiiCeYxRFCx says:

    shut up retard

  13. spartan7777777 says:

    i like the way you own him vocabularily nice nice XD

  14. Gplex says:

    You are an idiot. If I wanted to censor you I would make multiply accounts and give you a bunch of thumbs down.
    Im sure I dont know, and the crash tester dont know anything about physics. You are the almighty forgiving god, who wants to give poor gplex a win that he needs.
    Fuck you and you stupid story telling.

  15. awesomerepublican says:

    OK, if you say so. Remember, strangers on YouTube are all here to do your bidding. Because it does not sit well with you, I will discontinue pointing out why the tests in the videos were flawed.
    I understand because it makes your insecure self more comfortable, you will attempt to censor people with opposing ideas.

    By the way, can you see Russia from your house?

  16. Gplex says:

    What I want is you to stop spreading bs around.
    You examples are bs, you logic is bs, and your come back is bs.

  17. awesomerepublican says:

    I don’t understand why you are complaining about my use of effective examples to highlight my point.

    Do you usually prefer it when people who bring up points counter to yours use ineffective examples? Does that make it easier for you to “win” your confrontation?

    If that’s what you are looking for, let me make it even easier for you by telling you that you are totally right and I am totally wrong. Feel better now?

  18. Gplex says:

    Again, you are taking extreme examples… I am 105kg. A fly is about 20g. Thats over 7000x mass diffrence.
    Look up and read about momentum, inertia and impulse.
    I know what you are thinking, but if you have never taken physics, your logic would seem right, but it isnt. Common sense can not be trusted in physics.
    Look at any fight, when a person gets knock out, the head snaps back, but the body barely moves. The crash tester, would know this, and thats why the strapped it in.

  19. awesomerepublican says:

    It was only an example; take it easy, please.

    But the fact remains, if the dummy was not strapped in, the impact force would have registered much lower due to the fact that the force would have been dissipated more so than if it were strapped.

    If you punch a fly during its flight, you’d either kill instantly or severely injure it, but if the fly was on a table when you punched it, you’d absolutely obliterate it and reduce it to juice.

  20. Gplex says:

    What? Base ball is about 150g, a bat+a player is about 120kg. Thats about a 800x diffrence in mass. The tip of a base ball bat hits with much more force then a punch, but would the person fly when hit with a bat? NO.
    Hold the bad for a boxer, kickboxer, or any one who takes any type of striking martial art. Get them to do only 1 blow. You will find, that the person who hits with the shorter impulse time (google it, under physics) will move the object less, but will do more damage.

  21. awesomerepublican says:

    Sorry. No. It only keeps the body in place for a very short time.

    If you hit a baseball, does inertia keep the ball in place? OF COURSE NOT.

    The dummy in the video is improperly rigged to make the MMA impact much much higher than it should be.

  22. Gplex says:

    NO, inertia will keep the body in place..

  23. Crossovahh says:

    i’d like to see bruce take on fedor..

  24. nandoanalog says:


  25. ShinGan1 says:

    bruce lee basically made the 1 inch punch an understandable concept for idiots of the west. He would destroy any and every grappler boxer and wrestler you could have thrown at him